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Dorofei Bragin
Dorofei Bragin

Buy Here Pay Here Berlin Nj

I couldn't be happier with the car I bought here. These owners are amazing and very professional and family oriented. Gladys deserves a raise. Don't go any further than Precision Autos. These owners also don't pay for false good reviews esp by friends and family like the local competition that should just shut down already.

buy here pay here berlin nj

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Fantastic experience. From the minute I walked in the door I felt welcomed and like they really wanted my business, the family atmosphere they have here is a nice change of pace to the typical car lot. Gladys, Dom, and Nena were all friendly and very knowledgeable. The customer service couldn't have been better. Would highly recommend people come here.

Very good customer service and good selection of vehicles. All the employees are very nice and happy to help. Bought 2 cars from here myself and my dad got a truck from here I would highly recommend going here for your automobile needs!

The very best customer service. The owners are great and not sleazy like down the street. I'd support this business again in a heartbeat and telling all my family and friends to shop here and leave 5 stars that aren't fake.

I love getting a car from Precision Auto this is my second car that I purchased from them and I couldn't be more happier second time around I reccomend going here for all your car needs they are very family oriented and will worth with you so what are you waiting for call them today a d see what car they can get you Into

Such a great dealership i got my nissian maxima there almost 2 years ago i am so happy with my purchase my brother Javier just purchased a car here and and he is satisfy with his car thank you guys so much will be getting another car from yal very soon

I have bought all of my cars there and never have any issues and if I did she jumps to get it took in care of right away Gladys is an amazing person by far one of the best used car dealers around thanks for all you do Gladys !!!!!! Great prices

I had an amazing experience here. I brought my first car, the process was fast yet everything was explained to me so that I understood everything. We worked through every step together with patience and professionalism.My whole family has a car from this dealer. 5 STARS!!!

Gladys was able to get me in to the car of my dreams for a great price and there was no hassle at all!!! Now I get to drive my dream car a Scion tC and I love it I highly recommend precision autos !!!!!

The best place on 73 to buy a car. Don't go anywhere else. This is the place you go to, they don't give you free stuff for good reviews like their neighbors down the street. This place is truly honest and sincere.

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