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Crenshaw Kennels

Crenshaw Kennels was founded in 2013 by Jarod Crenshaw in Russellville, Arkansas. He had a plan to breed Big Dogs For the Big Dawg, and that's just what he did. He created an XL Bully headquarters that has taken off to become bigger than what he had envisioned. All of his dogs are bred with great stature, beautiful color, impressive size, and well-mannered temperament.


Jarod and his crew are honored to breed and raise loyal companions that grow into members of your family.  Crenshaw Kennels also mentors and guides clients who want to start their very own kennel. Once a dog is purchased from us, we gain a new member of the Crenshaw Kennels family forever. Please dive into the site to discover what we have to offer. 

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We want to welcome @2realmacdatfee to the @crenshawkennels family where we breed the big Dogs for the big Dawg!!! He loves his new puppy Boston aka Boss dog!!

Photo: Donovan Weatherspoon with Type of dog Boston


If you are interested in a puppy, breeding, or would like more information please fill out the form to the right or use the in-chat messenger.

Russellville, Arkansas

(479) 857-8248


We'll reach out soon!

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