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Adoption Contract

This is a legally binding contract between Crenshaw Kennels and the pet owner. On this Day, Month 20, 2022 the buyer in this contract agrees to exchange an extra-large American Bully from Crenshaw Kennels. The Buyer is returning Crenshaw Kennels Mordecai and obtaining a lilac tri male example.  
The Buyer must agree that the dog exchanged on Month 20, 2021 will not be neglected or abused. The dog will be cared for by their new owner. The dog will be provided adequate food, water, shelter, attention and medical care. The buyer may not debark or declaw the dog purchased in this contract. Crenshaw Kennels breeds dogs with a great temperament. If the dog’s temperament is to change upon any circumstance, Crenshaw Kennels is not responsible.  
The Buyer understands that in the event that he/she is unable to care for the puppy purchased, it may be returned to Crenshaw Kennels at any point. The buyer understands that Crenshaw Kennels must be considered first before any potential buyer. A buy back option can be presented to Crenshaw Kennels, if said option is declined, Crenshaw Kennels must be notified of the new owners contact information.  
The seller will provide registration certificates to the buyer for each puppy. If the certificates have not been received from the registration department at the time of the sale, the seller will provide the buyer evidence that the registration has been applied for and upon the receipt of the registration, the seller will forward all contracts to the respective buyers mailing address.  
The buyer agrees that all deposits paid to Crenshaw Kennels are non-refundable and failure to pick up the dog or accept delivery by the age of 8 weeks makes this contract void, therefore resulting in the forfeiture of the deposit. In an event where a puppy’s life is lost prior to you receiving him/her, your deposit will be refunded in the full amount or you may choose to use your deposit toward our next litter or to any available puppy from the same litter.  
All puppies from Crenshaw Kennels have been dewormed prior to delivery and their first set of shots will be at 6 weeks old. The buyer agrees to provide vet exams annually and at any time necessary. The buyer agrees that the puppy will be kept in great health and will be taken to the veterinary regularly to maintain their great health. This contract will remain through-out the life time of the dog purchased on this day. If this contract is breeched for any reason by the opinion of Crenshaw Kennels, the dog will be confiscated. 

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