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Drive Angry: A Movie Review

If you are looking for a movie that combines action, horror, comedy, and 3D effects, you might want to check out Drive Angry, a 2011 film directed by Patrick Lussier and starring Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, Charlotte Ross, Katy Mixon, Tom Atkins, Christa Campbell among others.

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The movie tells the story of John Milton (Cage), a criminal who has broken out of Hell to stop a satanic cult from sacrificing his granddaughter at midnight. Along the way, he meets Piper Lee (Heard), a waitress who joins him in his quest, while being pursued by The Accountant (Fichtner), a supernatural operative sent by Satan to bring him back.

In this article, we will review Drive Angry in terms of its story, action, horror, performances, characters, 3D effects, cinematography, reception, criticism, awards, and recommendation.

The Story of Drive Angry

The plot of Drive Angry is simple but engaging. It follows Milton as he escapes from Hell and steals Satan's gun, the Godkiller, in order to kill Jonah King (Burke), a cult leader who murdered Milton's daughter and her husband, and plans to ritually sacrifice Milton's infant granddaughter, believing that it will unleash Hell on Earth.

After interrogating and killing some of King's followers in Colorado, Milton discovers that the ritual will take place in Stillwater, an abandoned prison in Louisiana. On his way there, he stops by a diner, where he meets Piper Lee (Heard), a waitress who is unhappy with her cheating boyfriend Frank (Todd Farmer). Milton sabot Milton sabotages Frank's car and drives away with Piper in her 1969 Dodge Charger. Frank, who is a police officer, pursues them with his partner, but Milton kills them both. Piper learns that Milton is dead and that he is after King. She decides to help him, despite being skeptical of his story.

Meanwhile, The Accountant (Fichtner), a mysterious and charismatic agent of Hell, arrives on Earth and begins tracking down Milton. He has the ability to manipulate reality, possess human bodies, and sense sinners. He also drives a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air that he claims is borrowed from Satan himself.

The Accountant catches up with Milton and Piper at a hotel in Oklahoma. He kills some of King's men who have come to ambush them, and then confronts Milton. He tells him that he is not there to stop him, but to bring him back to Hell. He also reveals that Milton was a notorious criminal who was sent to Hell for killing his wife's murderers. Milton refuses to go back, and shoots The Accountant with the Godkiller. However, the bullet only wounds him, and he escapes.

Milton and Piper continue their journey to Louisiana, encountering more obstacles and enemies along the way. They also learn more about each other's pasts and motivations. Milton reveals that he was betrayed by his best friend Webster (David Morse), who gave up his daughter's location to King in exchange for money. Piper reveals that she was abused by her father as a child, and that she ran away from home when she was 15.

They finally reach Stillwater, where they find King and his cult preparing for the ritual. They manage to infiltrate the prison and rescue Milton's granddaughter, but they are soon surrounded by King's men. Milton tells Piper to take the baby and the Godkiller, and to shoot King if she gets a chance. He then sacrifices himself by driving his car into the cult's altar, causing a massive explosion.

Piper escapes with the baby, but is stopped by The Accountant on a bridge. He tells her that he has come to collect Milton's soul, and that he will let her go if she gives him the Godkiller. Piper agrees, but before she hands over the gun, she shoots King in the head, killing him. The Accountant is impressed by her courage and cunning, and lets her keep the baby. He then takes the Godkiller and drives away.

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The movie ends with a twist: Milton is shown alive and well in the car with The Accountant, who reveals that he was working with him all along. He explains that Satan allowed Milton to escape from Hell to stop King, because he did not want Hell to be unleashed on Earth. He also says that Satan was pleased with Milton's actions, and that he has granted him another chance at life. Milton is happy to hear this, but he asks The Accountant to do him one more favor: to help him find Webster.

The Action and Horror Elements of Drive Angry

Drive Angry is a movie that does not shy away from violence, gore, and mayhem. It is filled with scenes and effects that make it both thrilling and gruesome. The movie combines elements of action and horror genres, creating a unique blend of entertainment.

The Car Chases and Shootouts

One of the main attractions of Drive Angry is its car chases and shootouts. The movie features several spectacular and violent sequences involving cars and guns, often at the same time. For example:

  • In one scene, Milton drives his car while having sex with a waitress (Mixon), while shooting at King's men who are attacking him.

  • In another scene, Milton and Piper are chased by a group of bikers who work for King. They manage to kill them all by using various weapons, such as shotguns, grenades, and even a hydrogen truck.

  • In yet another scene, Milton and Piper are pursued by The Accountant and some state troopers on a highway. They use their car as a weapon, ramming into their enemies' vehicles and causing them to crash or explode.

These scenes are not only exciting and fun to watch, but also showcase the skills and creativity of the stunt drivers, the special effects team, and the director.

The Satanic Cult and the Godkiller

Another aspect of Drive Angry that makes it interesting and horrifying is its supernatural and religious themes. The movie revolves around a satanic cult that wants to bring about the end of the world by sacrificing an innocent child. The cult is led by Jonah King (Burke), a charismatic but psychotic preacher who claims to have visions from Satan.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of 3D

One of the benefits of watching Drive Angry in 3D is that it adds depth and immersion to the movie. The 3D effects make the movie more realistic and engaging, as they create a sense of space and perspective. The 3D effects also make the action and horror scenes more thrilling and intense, as they bring the objects and characters closer to the viewer.

For example, in one scene, Milton shoots a man in the eye with the Godkiller, and the bullet flies out of the screen towards the audience. In another scene, The Accountant throws a coin at a police officer, and the coin spins in the air before hitting him in the forehead. In yet another scene, Milton drives his car off a bridge, and the car falls towards the viewer.

However, one of the drawbacks of watching Drive Angry in 3D is that it can also cause discomfort and distraction to some viewers. The 3D effects can make some people feel nauseous, dizzy, or headache, especially if they are not used to them. The 3D effects can also make some scenes look darker or blurrier, reducing their clarity and quality.

For example, in some scenes, the background or the foreground can look out of focus or distorted, making it hard to see what is happening. In some scenes, the colors or the contrast can look dimmer or duller, making it less appealing. In some scenes, the 3D effects can also be overdone or unnecessary, making it seem gimmicky or cheesy.

The Grindhouse Influence and Aesthetic

Another aspect of Drive Angry that makes it unique and interesting is its homage and tribute to the grindhouse cinema tradition. Grindhouse cinema refers to a genre of low-budget exploitation films that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s, often shown in cheap theaters or drive-in cinemas. These films typically featured excessive violence, sex, gore, and nudity, as well as poor production values and quality.

Drive Angry pays respect and homage to this genre by adopting its style and aesthetic. The movie uses a retro font and logo for its title, as well as a grainy and scratched film texture for its opening credits. The movie also uses a lot of practical effects and makeup for its gore and violence, rather than relying on CGI or digital effects. The movie also features a lot of references and nods to other grindhouse films, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Death Proof, Machete, Planet Terror, among others.

These elements add a layer of nostalgia and fun to the movie, as they evoke the spirit and atmosphere of the grindhouse cinema era. They also create a contrast and a balance between the old-fashioned and the modern aspects of the movie.

The Reception and Criticism of Drive Angry

Drive Angry was released on February 25, 2011 in North America, and on various dates in other countries. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, as well as poor box office results. The movie also received some awards and nominations for its technical achievements.

The Commercial Success and Failure of Drive Angry

The movie had a budget of $50 million, but it only grossed $28.9 million worldwide, making it a box office bomb. The movie was considered a commercial failure for several reasons, such as:

The movie was released in a crowded and comp


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