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Overtime X Carmel Puppy Parents

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Asher Anderson
Asher Anderson

Vicky Salty 18

Food consumption and preference are highly regulated by palatability and macronutrient content; however, the chemosensory aspect of food also plays a significant role in its intake [45]. As taste exposure seems to be highly correlated with satiation, an increase in intensity and sensitivity to taste could lead to quicker meal termination, possibly regulating the quantity of food consumed onwards [46]. Although this could be observed regarding sweet and umami taste, salty taste would not be affected by this phenomenon; salty taste sensitivity and intensity are lowered with chronic and acute exercise, as seen in Table 4. As discussed in this review, exercise seems to have a chemosensory impact on overall taste perceptions. By exercising frequently, people could more quickly attain taste satiation, potentially lowering the consumption of highly tasty and energetic food and lowering the overall food quantity. The impact of physical activity in this matter could potentiate energy restriction by its effect on taste perceptions. Changes in taste perceptions and preferences, especially for the sweet taste, may lead to a weaker desire to consume foods that are hyperpalatable and rich in sugar. Currently, it has been documented that highly palatable foods tend to increase energy consumption [47]. A sharp decrease in the consumption of highly palatable foods, which are usually energetically dense, could decrease overall energy intake.

vicky salty 18


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