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Merge Monsters: A Relaxing and Fun Puzzle Game with a Twist

Merge Monsters: A Fun and Addictive Puzzle Game

Do you love puzzle games that are easy to play but hard to master? Do you enjoy merging cute and creepy creatures and unlocking new ones? Do you want to explore different worlds and castles full of secrets and surprises? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love Merge Monsters, a casual merge game that will keep you entertained for hours!

merge monsters

What is Merge Monsters?

Merge Monsters is a game where you merge creatures and unlock newer and stronger monsters that are even creepier. The game has a really nice art style that is at the intersection of spooky and cute. Simply drag and drop identical monsters to fuse them and create a stronger monster. Each time you discover a new type of monster, you will unlock a new part of the mysterious castle. Once you've explored all of the castle, you'll unlock a new world that is full of fairies, and a whole different world with a different and more colorful atmosphere! The game has other secrets and worlds for you to explore. You don't need to wait for Halloween to get a little spooky. Can you unlock every castle and world in this addictive merging game?

How to play Merge Monsters?

Merge Monsters is super easy to play, just merge monsters of the same kind, evolve them to higher rank, discover new monsters, make army of your top dragons and win against enemy creatures. Here are the basic steps to play Merge Monsters:

  • Select and move creatures - Click and drag the left mouse button or your finger

  • Merge two identical creatures to create a new one

  • Fill up the board with monsters and earn coins

  • Use coins to buy more monsters from the shop or spin the wheel of fortune

  • Battle your army of monsters against dragon bosses every 10 levels

  • Unlock new parts of the castle and new worlds as you progress

Why play Merge Monsters?

Merge Monsters is a fun and relaxing game that will help you kill time, ease your mind, or just have some fun. Here are some reasons why you should play Merge Monsters:

  • It's free to play and can be played on your computer or mobile devices

  • It's simple but challenging, as you have to merge strategically and plan ahead

  • It's satisfying to see your monsters evolve and grow stronger

  • It's exciting to discover new types of monsters and worlds

  • It's rewarding to battle against dragon bosses and win gems

  • It's addictive, as you will always want to see what's next

Features of Merge Monsters

Merge Monsters has many features that make it a unique and enjoyable game. Here are some of them:

Different types of monsters to discover and evolve

Merge Monsters has over 100 different types of monsters for you to collect and evolve. Each monster has three stages before it evolves to a higher rank. The higher the rank, the more powerful the monster. You can also form your squadron of legends, which are the ultimate monsters that will help you fight against dragons.

Various worlds and castles to explore

Merge Monsters has several worlds and castles for you to unlock and explore. Each world has a different theme, such as spooky, fairy, or futuristic. Each castle has different parts that reveal more about the story of the lost Godzilla brothers. You can also see your progress in the map and see how many monsters you have discovered in each world.

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Upgrades and power-ups to boost your gameplay

Merge Monsters has various upgrades and power-ups that will help you merge faster and earn more coins. You can upgrade your monsters' speed, income, and attack power. You can also use power-ups such as the magnet, the bomb, the hammer, and the lightning to clear the board and make room for more monsters.

Offline mode and auto-merge function

Merge Monsters can be played offline, so you don't need an internet connection to enjoy the game. You can also enable the auto-merge function, which will automatically merge your monsters for you while you are away. This way, you can earn coins and gems even when you are not playing.

Tips and tricks for Merge Monsters

Merge Monsters is a game that requires some strategy and planning to progress faster and unlock more content. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you master the game:

Merge strategically and plan ahead

Merging monsters is not just about dragging and dropping them randomly. You have to think about which monsters to merge and where to place them on the board. You want to avoid filling up the board with low-rank monsters that will take up space and slow down your merging process. You also want to avoid merging high-rank monsters that will reduce your income and make it harder to buy more monsters from the shop. Try to balance your board with different ranks of monsters and merge them when you have enough space and coins.

Use the shop and the wheel of fortune to get more monsters

The shop is where you can buy more monsters with coins. The higher the rank of the monster, the more expensive it is. You can also spin the wheel of fortune once every hour to get a random monster for free. Sometimes, you can get lucky and get a high-rank monster or even a legend. The shop and the wheel of fortune are great ways to get more monsters and fill up your board faster.

Watch ads to get free gems and coins

Gems are the premium currency in Merge Monsters. You can use gems to buy special monsters, such as unicorns, dragons, or legends. You can also use gems to buy power-ups or speed up your upgrades. Coins are the regular currency in Merge Monsters. You can use coins to buy normal monsters from the shop or spin the wheel of fortune. You can earn gems and coins by merging monsters, battling dragon bosses, or completing achievements. However, if you want to get more gems and coins quickly, you can watch ads to get them for free. You can watch ads every 15 minutes to get 10 gems or 1000 coins.

Battle the dragon bosses every 10 levels

Every 10 levels, you will face a dragon boss that will challenge your army of monsters. The dragon boss will have a certain amount of health that you have to deplete by attacking it with your monsters. The higher the rank of your monster, the more damage it will deal to the dragon boss. If you manage to defeat the dragon boss within the time limit, you will win a chest that contains gems, coins, or even a legend. Battling the dragon bosses is a great way to test your skills, earn rewards, and unlock new parts of the castle.


Merge Monsters is a fun and addictive puzzle game that will keep you hooked for hours. You can merge cute and creepy creatures, discover new types of monsters and worlds, battle against dragon bosses, and enjoy various features that will enhance your gameplay. Merge Monsters is a game that is suitable for all ages and can be played anytime, anywhere. If you are looking for a casual merge game that is easy to play but hard to master, then Merge Monsters is the game for you!


  • Q: How many worlds are there in Merge Monsters?

  • A: There are currently four worlds in Merge Monsters: Spooky World, Fairy World, Futuristic World, and Ancient World. Each world has its own theme, atmosphere, and types of monsters.

  • Q: How do I unlock legends in Merge Monsters?

  • A: Legends are the ultimate monsters in Merge Monsters. They have the highest rank and power in the game. You can unlock legends by merging high-rank monsters (rank 10 or above), buying them with gems from the shop, spinning the wheel of fortune, or winning them from chests after defeating dragon bosses.

  • Q: How do I reset my progress in Merge Monsters?

  • A: If you want to start over from scratch in Merge Monsters, you can go to the settings menu and tap on the reset button. This will erase all your data and start a new game. However, be careful, as this action cannot be undone.

  • Q: How do I save my progress in Merge Monsters?

A: Merge Monsters automatically saves your progress every time you exit the game or switch to another app. You can also manually save your progress by tapping on the cloud ico


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