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Buy Hobart Mixer

While mechanical problems with professionally refurbished mixers are not unheard of, they are very rare. Importantly, it's more likely that a vintage Hobart mixer needing service will still partially operate (in only one gear, for example) instead of being completely out of service until an expensive electronic component is replaced.

buy hobart mixer

This is what we do. We've been doing it for 35 years. This article is a reflection of the experience we've gained over those years. If you're looking for a refurbished Hobart mixer that will serve your operation for many years to come, have a look at our current inventory, give us a call at (888) 878-4964, or contact us here though our website.

For kitchens that mainly mix heavier ingredients such as pizza or bread dough, proper mixer capacity hinges on how much the motor is capable of mixing, rather than how much the bowl will hold. Past a certain point, the motor can stall or stop when there is too much dough to mix.

On the Hobart mixer capacity chart, for example, the capacities are based on an absorption rate calculation formula of 12 percent flour moisture at 70-degree Fahrenheit water temperature. These rates differ by manufacturer, and therefore, should be considered in comparison to the capacity chart provided by each manufacturer.

What you will mix and the expected batch sizes are also key factors in selecting the right size mixer. Some mixers are designed for certain applications. For example, there are mixers designed specifically for pizza dough that provide more torque for heavier dough mixing jobs.

Mixers used in commercial kitchens are typically either planetary style or spiral style. Planetary mixers offer great versatility for a wide range of jobs, such as mixing dough, cakes, whipped toppings, icings and meringues.

Anyone with a Hobart mixer in their restaurant or commercial kitchen will tell you what a great machine it is. These mixers last a long time despite constant, heavy use, and for many kitchens they are essential to the success of daily operations. Often the attachments that make your Hobart mixer so indispensable wear out or break long before the machine itself does.

Determine if your Hobart mixer is a Standard or a Legacy HL model. Standard Hobart mixers are older models. The attachments for Standard models slide onto the mixer shaft and twist into place. Legacy HL mixers are newer models. The attachments for Legacy HL models slide onto the mixer shaft and lock into place with a pin. Make sure you buy the right kind of attachment according to the type of Hobart mixer you have!

  • Hobart's Legacy Mixer has set the industry standard for more than 75 years, thanks to its reliability, durability, versatility and outstanding performance! Legacy Mixer by Hobart is the first mixer to allow the bowl to swing out, making it easy to add ingredients, take out product, change and mount bowls ù inaugurating a new era of productivity in mixing! Legacy 60-Quart All Purpose Mixer Heavy-Duty 2.7 H.P. Switched Reluctance Motor Gear Transmission Four Fixed Speeds Plus Stir Speed Shift-on-the-Fly Controls Patented soft start Agitation Technology 50-Minute SmartTimer Automatic Time Recall Large, Easy-To-Reach Controls Single Point Bowl Installation Ergonomic Swing-Out Bowl Power Bowl Lift #12 Taper Attachment Hub Open Base Stainless Steel Bowl Guard Metallic Gray Hybrid Powder Coat Finish Electrical: 380-460/50/60/3

  • Warranty: Unit has full one-year warranty on parts, labor and mileage against manufacturer's defects. Service contracts are available UL, NSF listed Dimensions: Overall Height: 61.302"

  • California Residents click here for Proposition 65 warning

12 quart, all purpose, bench top, mixer, chopper, slicer and shredder. Has planetary mixing action, with 3 speed transmission control switch for low, intermediate and high speeds. Equipped with 12 quart stainless steel mixing bowl with hand lever bowl lift. Features: standard flat beater bar, wire whip, dough hook as well as a front mounting for meat chopper and 9" diameter vegtable slicer / dicer or cheese schredder attachments and mounted on a(4) leg stand with casters. Last running in food operation.

Hobart 140 quart double planetary dough mixer equipped with stainless steel contact parts. Bowl capacity of 140 quarts. Features include beater bar and scrape agitator, 4-speed adjustable speed and timer controls and hydraulic bowl lift. Last running in a food operation.

Jomarc offers field service repairs within a 60 mile radius of Philadelphia. Our quality team of service technicians have an excellent reputation and wide range of experience servicing most brands and models of commercial food equipment such as mixers, slicers, fryers, warmers, griddles, steamers, dishwashers, pan washers, ovens, rack ovens, proofers, sheeters, bakery equipment, etc.

I'm so upset that I had to share this so it is less likely to happen to someone else. I wanted the Hobart N50 mixer so badly and for such a long time that I finally decided to buy one on eBay that was actually listed as: New, other. The other means that it may be missing the original packaging or some other minor issue. The seller used a stock photo, which also reinforced my feeling that it was very unlikely that there were any important problems with it. When I read the description, I found that it was actually used about 4 or 5 times, which I felt was acceptable because it was $975.00, much less than the new retail of about $2035.00. It also came with an extra bowl, wire whip, and flat beater. I was SO EXCITED about my find! The seller didn't have a lot of feedback, but it was all good. It was described as follows: Been used 4-5 times, no chipped paint , JUST LIKE NEW.

Well, when I received it (I did receive it quickly), I immediately noticed some cosmetic damages, including a BROKEN OFF thumbscrew, paint chips, and severely scratched and dented bowls. I know this couldn't have happened during shipping, as the shipping box was in perfect condition. I was upset about this but I decided to give the mixer a chance, as it is a very heavy thing to send back and it was a lot cheaper than buying a new one. Overall, it doesn't look very old. First of all, the dough hook I received does not fit this mixer. Also, (this is difficult to describe properly) it is unbalanced and out of kilter. The bowls do not seat properly in the bowl holders and the bowl holders and the shaft coming out of the planetary gear have a lot of play in them. When I made just a slightly heavy cake batter (bought it mostly for kneading bread dough but couldn't do that with the wrong dough hook), the bowl actually looked like it might lift right off the holders, very unstable. The flat beater and the wire whip don't clean the sides of the bowl properly. This mixer was definately heavily used, if not abused.

With all of these problems, I decided I must contact the seller about sending it back for a refund. He refused to acknowledge any problems with the mixer (said it was in excellent condition--NOT!) and only offered to buy me a new thumbscrew and dough hook and would not accept a return on it. I feel the listing was fraudulent and deceptive and have taken this up with the Ebay Buyer Protection program. I don't know how successful I will be but the seller has only 27 feedback and I have 2508 (all positive), as I used to sell on eBay before I began taking care of my 88 year old mother. She keeps me so busy I really can't do it anymore. My listings were always COMPLETELY honest (I sold mostly vintage hats), no matter how bad the condition of the item was--of course, I tried to get the best items I could but when hats get to be 60 to 80 years old and more, they do have some issues. I assumed that a seller would not be an outright liar, but I assumed WRONG. It didn't help to ask questions, as the answers were all lies.

Getting back to my mother, there is a bright side to this whole thing. After I told her my woeful tale, she offered to buy me a brand new Hobart N50. I gladly took her up on it (especially since I don't ask for anything in return for caring for her and she can't walk, so it is difficult, to say the least) and now I am awaiting shipment of a bright white, beautiful, brand new N50! I chose the N50 because I really wanted an all purpose mixer instead of just something for dough and I want save my 22 year old KitchenAid, which I have retired to "light duty". I didn't choose another larger KitchenAid, as the reviews for the new ones are so bad.

Unfortunately, the bowl is seated as well as it can be. I am very familiar with the mechanism, as my 22 year old KitchenAid works on the same principle and I've never had a problem with it. This one doesn't go in properly and even when everything is in the correct position, the bowl tilts slightly forward. There is something seriously wrong with the entire structure of this mixer. The lock clip isn't missing. I would have noticed that right away. Thanks for trying to help! Genie

We recently had to replace a whole swag of hobart mixers at the college as they didnt have the safety grills required by OH&S, and Hobart said that they couldn't be retro fitted. They were sent off to auction with indecent haste even though there were a number of staff that voiced an interest in buying them. The assets man is not the most helpfull soul. He was quoting rules for disposal of government property blah blah blah, all of which could easily be accomodated, with a PROPER tender process. The hospitality staff knew the machines and they could easily have been made available for a test for the potential bidders. Anyway they were sent offsite very quickly and when asked for information as to when the items would go under the hammer was told that he did not know and even if he did he would not tell us. (i told you he was a diamond) Anyway the auction was mid week when we were all at work, but i was able to find out from the finance people that the return was as little as $15 for 1 machine and the highest was $200 thats Australian. I think there was about 20 machines that went off. i did make an official complaint but got asked to let it go. some people are not worth it and wont be getting a christmas card! 041b061a72


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