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Asher Anderson
Asher Anderson

Color And Light: A Guide For The Realist Painter

Color and Light is the latest book from James Gurney and it's fantastic. It is a very accessible guide that's filled with interesting and useful information on color and light. It's fortunate we have so many colors today at our disposable, and now with this book, something to help make sense of them.

Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter

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John Carlson, himself a noted American Impressionist painter and teacher, addresses all the common elements faced by landscape painters, including design, light, perspective, color, clouds, trees, and composition. While the book was first published in 1929, Dover has reprinted the 1958 edition, so the language is a little more accessible to the modern reader without sacrificing Carlson's forthright style. Although the 58 diagrams are in black and white, the book's chief value is its practical principles and insights.

Long out of print and expensive, this classic of illustration techniques has been republished. Although it was first published over 70 years ago, the sections on color and painting will prove useful for any artist, whether they work for concept art, galleries, or illustration. Loomis was a top magazine illustrator and devoted his later years to writing encouraging and practical guides that covered all the key topics.

I broke down the task of learning into achievable bites that I could teach myself, such as animal anatomy, composition, and color theory. I also had a few friends who were good painters, and I learned just by painting with them.

Millet was an idiosyncratic painter, part realist, part romantic, compelled by the poor, slow country folk of France, who led lives totally unlike those of bourgeois city people during the Second Empire of Napoleon III.

Hordes of sightseers began visiting Fontainebleau Forest around 1850, led by a dauntless guidebook writer named Claude-Francois Denecourt, who established almost 200 miles of trails and built follies in the woods. Their litter and noise annoyed the painters, who fled deeper into the forest, only to discover more depredations by loggers and quarry workers who had cut 3 million stones to pave the sidewalks of Paris. 041b061a72


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