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Where To Buy Magnolia Garland

Magnolia plants have certainly risen in the ranks of the botanical showstoppers. Popular in so many styles of decorating, the lush beauty of this magnolia leaf garland will fit in just about anywhere.

where to buy magnolia garland

Add elegance and beauty to your home with our gorgeous gold Christmas magnolia garland. Created with glittered magnolia foliage, pine eucalyptus and gold magnolias. Perfect for fall and Christmas decorating

Green and browned magnolia foliages brushed with shimmery bronze exude luxe Autumn décor with realistic fall berries nestled throughout. A fantastic Autumn garland for the dining table, console, or mantel!

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Simply GORGEOUS! What could possibly be prettier than decorating your space with natural-inspired pieces with a farmhouse feel? This magnolia leaf garland has been seen all over home decorating shows and has captivated us with its beauty! It's that staple piece that every farmhouse needs!

We LOVE LOVE LOVE how farmhouse fresh and simple these garlands are! Dress them up or leave them as-is for the perfect addition to your spaces! These beautiful magnolia garlands are sure to make a fresh & natural addition to your home. They will surround you with natural texture and purity. Each garland is perfectly crafted to capture the beauty of nature...

Just picture these garlands draped over the top of your front door for a pop of color or over your rustic mantel, paired perfectly with cotton stems and wooden candle stands. Imagine these alongside your burlap table runners, surrounded by candles and so much more! Hmm...wouldn't these be perfect for an outdoor wedding! We're thinking rustic backyard wedding!

If you're not happy, we're not happy. That's where our "Love It or Send It Back" policy comes in. If you're dissatisfied with your Ballard purchase for any reason, you can return it within 90 days of the ship date for an exchange or full refund* (excluding Shipping & Processing fees).

One of my favorite ways to add a cozy feel to our home during Christmas is to add garlands and greenery. I love the look of mixed greenery. Both faux and fresh can be used to create a cozy vibe in your home.

For this project, there are only 2 mats with the leaves design. To get enough leaves for your garland, you will need 5 sheets of olive felt and 5 sheets of copper felt. So, you will need to cut out each mat design 5 times.

Funny - can't wait to add that app! I have the most beautiful magnolia tree in the corner of my front yard and always use the branches in my planters, but have never made a garland - it's gorgeous. Have a feeling that you make it look easier than it is, but I may give it a try! Happy Wednesday, KariAnn!!

So darn beautiful KariAnne! I am definitely putting a magnolia leaf project on my holiday to-do list.Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Oh, and my answers to Would You Rather...Knees for sure because as I've gotten older they are starting to hurt.A cold for two weeks (only if I'm on a beach somewhere)I'd love to read minds--your's to be exact because your inspiration amazes me.I'd give up coffee any day, probably because I'm not a coffee drinker to begin with. Have a fantastic day!

Ok now I have to download that app! The garland is beautiful as is everything you do. Here are my answers if your interested:1) knees 2) definitly a flu for two days...get it over with quick!3) I would LOVE to read minds for sure!!4) I could never give up my iPhone...but then again I'm not a big coffee drinker eitherThat was a fun game :-)

Love magnolias trees as well as ladies in movie! Going to try this... Crafter I am not... Might hunt you down at a ballgame watch out might whip itOut if you visit concessions! Enjoy this pretty day!! Every day is a story!

I love magnolia leaves, we have a tree and every time I tries to cut the leaves in bunches they always shrivel up and turn a nasty brown and look really ugly! Any suggestion on how to keep their color and shape? thanks love you sight.

Hey Liz, I just bought a gallon of glycerin (be sure it is vegatable base) I am using it to soak the leaves in for a couple of days, it is suppose to keep them from turning brown. If I am going to do anymore magnolia projects I don't want to deal with them turning brown and brittle. Hope it works.

Very pretty! As a matter of fact I just received a gallon jug of gylcerin and my husband has his saw ready for me to cut magnolia limbs! I think I will attach the bunch of leaves to a jute rope, maybe it will feel more sturdy, we'll see. Love your stuff!

A life without knees.A cold for two weeks. The flu is awful!Read a mind. Think of what an advantage this would be!My phone - I love coffee, but I don't do caffeine, so I don't have it. My calendar is on my phone - I have to have that!Magnolia leaf - love it. I have a volunteer magnolia in my back yard that you have inspired me to give a haircut!

OMG! Where did you get those amazing birch bark Christmas trees? I must have some of those as well to with my birch wreath! Also, I have that game and it's a lot of fun! Great post and a beautiful magnolia leaf garland!

I agree, life without coffee is not a good thing...thanks for the tutorial on the I need to walk across the street, knock on my neighbors' door and beg for some magnolia leaves!....Gorgeous garland!

I have been wanting to make a Magnolia garland as we do have a few Magnolia trees in the backyard. My only concern is how long will the leaves last? MAH's comments above talked about using glycerin ... hope you can post how to do that and how long they lasted. Thanks!

Oh KariAnne, I'm with you about the phone. No way this Starbuckaholic is liv'n without coffee...that could get dangerous! The knee thing, not so much. Having just had double knee surgery in October, dang I miss having functioning knees. Love your "real" magnolia leaf garland - much prettier than my faux variety.

Hi friend:D So umm...I live in BUCKEYE country, and unfortunately I don't have one of these beautiful trees:( However! If one day when you wake up in the morning and you happen to be enjoying your first cup of morning coffee while looking out a window and you see someone having a scavenger hunt for magnolia leave no attention because it's just me! Happy day FRIEND:D

A very creative project, Kari Anne! I love how full and lush the magnolia leaves look bunched up on a garland like that! The would-you-rather game is played between friends at our home too. I have to say I'd pretty much pick the same responses as you...except for the coffee and phone one...I'm still on the fence. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful project on #SHINEbloghop! It's so great for you to join us this week! Have a fantastic weekend :)

Oh how I wish I had a magnolia tree or shrubs.......this is beautiful. I am going to drive through the nearest neighborhood and see if I can spot one. LOL Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday. I am featuring you this week.

I have magnolia trees! And friends coming over for Thanksgiving, so I may have to try this for a beautiful decoration. Thanks so much!I found this on the Saturday Sparks link party. Have a great weekend!

The natural feeling of the outdoors will come alive with this beautifully constructed Mountain Magnolia garland. Filled with deep and light shades of green leaves accented with vines, this garland brings a realistic leafy look to any décor. This garland is the perfect decor piece for any farmhouse decor scheme.

The Kimpton garland (magnolia) is a premium, custom faux garland designed to perfectly coordinate with our Kimpton Collection.This garland is made of lush magnolia garland filled with red, pink, and two-toned spray roses. The delicate style with the warm, yet soft color palette offers the perfect romantic touch for your special day. The custom garland can be used in many ways; arch decor, table runner, sign decor, and more! Premium silk florals. 041b061a72


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