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Dorofei Bragin
Dorofei Bragin

[S2E7] High Score

In the news, Richard introduces the Haynes Baby manual, James mentions a new high-tech car alarm which sends you an email, text-message or fax if you car has been stolen. Jeremy introduces the new BMW M3 CSL and a device you clip behind your ear, which emits a loud warning tone when your head looks down, in case you have fallen asleep while driving.

[S2E7] High Score


Mordecai challenges their high score of 700,000 but instead, he gets negative points. Mordecai and Rigby decide to play the game more and more in order to gain experience. Then, a man named Jack Farley, comes to them to try to beat them in the game, but fails to do so. He gives a card to Mordecai and Rigby, stating that he respects them. Mordecai and Rigby are dertermined to gain respect now, and they dominate everybody on Broken Bonez, earning respect in the process. They play Broken Bonez more and more and almost beat the universe record, 1,279,001 points by someone called G.B.F.

However, a giant bearded face comes out of nowhere and reveals himself as G.B.F. With his name short for Garrett Bobby Ferguson, he challenges Mordecai and Rigby in the game, so he can keep his title. Despite his great effort, Mordecai and Rigby are close to the high score, but G.B.F. begs them not to break it, stating that Broken Bonez is his life and his wife left him for it. Despite wanting to win, they know that to get respect, they have to do the right thing.

However, G.B.F. reveals that he lied and he does not even have a wife and that the game is just a hobby. Mordecai and Rigby then skewer G.B.F.'s concentration (there being no rules), along with a crowd; he had already beaten Mordecai and Rigby's score. Mordecai and Rigby are finished, until Jack points out the game is still on. Mordecai and Rigby play while being sabotaged, then beat up G.B.F, such as biting his leg and kicking his chin. Whilst, celebrating victory, Mordecai, Rigby, and the crowd witness G.B.F. exploding into goo. Benson comes a short while after, covered in brain goo, bringing checks, but declines it and rips them up, after he thinks Mordecai and Rigby want to waste time playing games.

It's Season 2 of Million Dollar Listing New York, where three amazing brokers, Fredrik Eklund, Luis Ortiz, and Ryan Serhant, show the world what it takes to sell high-priced New York City apartments. Check in each week for recaps by Eater New York's fearless nightlife editor Scott Solish. Episode air date: 6/19/2013.

Crisis 1: FalloutWhen we last left them, Luis was getting a lesson from Fredrik on how to be a professional when it comes to high profile Tribeca listings. Unfortunately, the student was not heeding the teacher. Then things got real. Really real.

Wow. Let's break down the highlights. First, Fredrik actually pulls out a check of some kind and is giggling about the piddling $6,000 that Luis spent on his foggy party. Second, Luis claims he bled for 50 Lispenard! Maybe that wall lick was more dangerous than any of us realized. Third, Fredrik pours some kind of green drink on him, and because of the height difference, gets him from a great angle. Fourth, Luis throws a glass at him and the other guests at the bar. Fifth, Fredrik has to escape like he is fleeing from a mad man, which is what Luis was during the scene. This is reality television folks. This is our thesis. This is our closing argument.

Luis plans an open house and for some reason does it at night again. Guess he still isn't willing to learn. Guess what else? None of the brokers at the open house really love the apartment either?not the old kitchen, the lack of amenities, or that high, high price. So Luis decides he has to tell his seller that they should lower the price. She is not happy, and lets him know it.

If Ryan knew what was going on with Luis and Fredrik, he'd be giggling like a sailor. Too bad he's so busy trying to land a new listing at One Beacon Court. Ryan calls it his favorite building "because it's very high end." Look out, Ms. Utah!

How do you say sold in every language? Serhant! After the open house, Ryan meets with Sergei, one of the people who came to the International House of Brokers. We're guessing he represents another one of those mysterious Russian buyers who just want to buy an apartment to never live in it. But the offer is really low, just $6.6 million, which is in line with what Ryan expected but not high enough to please his old frat buddy. Watch how Ryan stares down the Ruskie.

This is more tense than Spies Like Us. And Ryan gets the $7 million. All cash! What a score! Ryan is on cloud nine, until he gets a call from Sergei telling him that his client got a better deal from a seller one floor above Ryan's client and is taking that deal. They used him and Ryan is not taking it well.

Ryuuen contacted Kushida as she was the only person in her class on his side. In the cafeteria, Suzune announced her grand plan in which she proclaimed that the entire class's goal must be pairing the highest academic scorer with the lowest to acquire average marks.

Composer Robert J. Kral says this is his favorite episode to have scored, as he was able to write several different themes for the character of Darla.[1] He was asked by director Tim Minear to write music that was "epochy. Something with horns...something Wagnerish." Kral and Buffy composer Thomas Wanker deliberately choose not to collaborate, so that the cross-over scenes would "maintain a different perspective," Kral says.[2]

Actress Julie Benz says the flashback scenes are "the high points" of playing Darla; her favorite scene is the Boxer Rebellion.[5] Gaffer Dan Kerns' girlfriend Heidi Strickler appears in that scene, playing the frightened mother in the alley whom Angel attempts to shelter.[6]

Back at the warehouse, Kali tells a troubled Eleven that she was once opposed to killing as well and had a family like her and Hopper, but they were unable to help Kali, so she left. She insists that Eleven needs to face Brenner, and when Eleven firmly states that he is dead, she makes Brenner appear to her. He tells her that she has a wound born from her pain that will eventually kill her if she does not confront it. She leaves Eleven with the choice to return to her friends or stay with her and avenge her mother. She remembers Mike nicknaming her, defending him and Dustin Henderson from bullies, and helping Hopper set up the cabin. She enters the void and sees Hopper nervously watching the lab's control panel as well as Mike trying to get into the control room to warn them of the trap. Realizing they are in danger, Eleven decides to go back just as the police raid the warehouse. As Kali's group gets in a shootout with the police and Kali stalls them using her powers and showing them a metal wall that grows high into the sky. Eleven says goodbye to her and flees as Kali calls after her. Kali's concentration wanes due to her distress, and her false wall falls away allowing the police to see them and begin firing on them again. She wipes away a tear as they drive away. 041b061a72


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