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Dorofei Bragin
Dorofei Bragin

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1. Mailbox: If you choose this delivery method, we will mail your Aion Classic Kinah via mailbox, which is convenient and secure. This method only requires you to give us your character name, and then you will need to check your mailbox in a city or town, so make sure you are nearby if you need the kinah urgently.

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2. Face-to-Face: If you choose F2F, we will meet you at a place in the game then trade with you, which is fast and safe. However, this method requires the most effort from you to complete the trade. When the Classic Aion Kinah is ready for delivery, we will talk to you in-game to trade the kinah for an item.

The disadvantage of this method is that you need to keep online. If you aren't available, we may email you or request you to change the delivery method. This method is one of the fastest ways to get your kinah if you are in a hurry.

Aion Classic is coming to the EU and NA region. Whatever you choose the Asmodians or the Elyos, and save your people from a powerful ancient evil. To enhance your adventure and enjoy your gameplay, you can purchase aion classic kinah from rsvsr, a cheapest rate Aion Kinah seller. And both Aion Classic EU Kinah and Aion Classic US Kinah are full of stock. With enough Aion kinah, you will experience the thrill of combat like never before.

Having 12 years of experience in the business allows us to efficiently and confidently deal with all kinds of issues. We also sport multiple farming teams along with world wide suppliers who farm by hand to ensure that we can deliver our goods safely and securely.

Summary: NCsoft wants you to buy Kinah from them, not from other people. This is due to their lack of understanding on what the players want therefore lack of sells. So they have to force you to spend money by limiting the kinah in game.

Do you remember when the game was release an entire year ago? To NCsoft that was the glory days when bots had not yet infested the server. You can see people seeling the candies with 90k 80k, sometime even 70k in their personal store. Sometime thousands of them together. They are the whales, NCsoft's ideal customers. If we calculate the price of Quna, we see that the lowest price you can get is 12k Quna for 250$, 48 Quna for 1$. This is a very important number because whatever the gold seller are selling, this is their ceiling price. At this moment, NCsoft are the only kinah seller and they are slling them fast. I am geniusly curious how much of the Aion classic revenue are coming from just selling those tiger candies for the first 3 months. My guess will be over 75%.

This is a fact that no one can deny at this point. It took them literal months to fix the HP on upper fortress gate and Dux. They litearlly destroyed the game by themself. This turned away a lot of the the hardcore players including the whales. After that incident you see significantly less people selling the tiger candies in significatly less quantity. This is a huge cut to the aion classic revenue because that is the only consumable in their Quna shop that is desired by the player in large quantities. This plus the surge of botters mean buying kinah from the Quna shop is no longer economically sounds. The faction balance in each servers (before merge) are also extremely imbalance. All these problems compounds together which causes alot of trouble for aion classic's revenue. People are complaining on forum all day because of the in game inflation and NCsoft couldn't care less about it. The game is in such bad state that I don't think any management will agree to hire more people to maintain this game(including catching bots).

They don't ban bots to make the game economy more stable, they ban it so the total kinah supply is lower, the praise you give them for dealing with bot problem is just side effect they couldn't care less about.

My only problem with BS they are doing is the lowering of drop rate even in instance. If they think making open world void of drop will stop the botters because they can't do instance then at least put drops inside instance so normal players can get kinah from it.

I farmed Udas solo for exp 4 times, all of the drop can't even reach the daily kinah cap and I kill almost 200 of elites mobs. Only the humanoid mob in there drop kinah and each one is roughly 10k so each run I barely make 2mil SOLO.

Whales are going to buy kinah no matter what but have you ever consider why they want to buy kinah? They want to have multiple set of gear which they need kinah to buy L/R, enchant, and socket. This means you can sell those thing in limited quantities such as making enchantment stone you get in event pass tradable or add back the manastone pack in the event pass. All of these are ways to capture more revenue but the way you eventually choose is to force everyone to whale so they can just play this game normally. If this is not incompentency, I don't know what is.

We are selling US and EU Aion Kinah more than 8 years old ,have more players for producting kinah ingame everyday,we are proficient in trade method and know how to trade is very safe ! In last three years ,we have more and more Aion Gold Swtor Credits FFXIV Gil RuneScape Gold customers,and we will do more games product in future.

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That is an issue not a fix/shift. If at 80 we hit kinah limit in 7.9, it should stay like that. Also after further testing, my Templar is level 85 and I can only sell for 50kk more which is still less than the normal kinah selling limit from 7.9. This thing is bugged and it needs to be fixed!

First: All Aion EU Kinah (Aion Online Gold) on 50% Off. Second: 35% Prices are Cutdown. 95% Clients enjoy ourservice. 90% Orders are delivered in 1hours. Third: All Kind of World of warcraft (Cataclysm,WotLk, Burning Crude ) gold are prepare for you now.Transaction & Delivery safely without banned, not banned for buying gold Aion.

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All of these problems will not occur if you only have an average set of gear. And if you could afford for a better gear, you journey will be more exciting and entertaining. Think about being a key player for your team during a boss fight or win all battles in PvP. We know it all well that powerful weapons and high defense armor are what we must have. However, there are all expensive. With outshine gear, you are nearly invincible in both PvP and PvE. Aion also offer wings to increase player's character coolness. But nothing comes cheap. Each pair of these beautiful wings cost more than millions kinah. Everything comes with price, really.

Kinah is the main currency in Aion, used by both the Asmodians and Elyos. It is central to the game, allowing the purchase of numerous items, services, and transportation between areas and regions. Without sufficient kinah, it is challenging to progress in the game. However, there are several ways to gain Kinah throughout your journey:

1 Convenient Service For All The Aion PlayersNowgood news for AION players. Two additional servers have been added in Aion, they are French server named Arbolu and English server named Kalil. You can spread your wings and boost your character by our excellent Aion Kina service. We will try our best to speed up the delivery time of aion kinah. You can receive aion gold with 5 minutes. All we do is to make all of the aion players enjoying more convenient aion kina service. Going to enrich yourself in the game is more important than others. Contact us with the live chat. Do not hesitate to place your order at bwowg, get aion kinah at very first time.

2 Go To Get More Help About Your Aion GoldIf you follow these aion kina guides at, you will get more help in your game. Events will feature exclusive hands-on access to the 1.5 version of the game, which has yet to be unveiled to Western audiences. The 1.5 version of the game introduces numerous enhancements, including continued improvements to aion gold innovative character customization that will now include a host of Western styles, instances, skills, quests and improvements. The following information gotten from other websites are about class guide, if you have interests, you can read them in details.When you discover the power of the aion gold Through pure force of will, they've learned to summon the spirits of the realm and bend them to their aion gold. We provide cheap aion gold with fast delivery and safe trade, if there is anyone needs , please feel free to contact us. Quickly buy aion kina now!!

Hello. Can someone do something with gold sellers please ? On asmo side guy who have nickname "Alemotionsfaded" have few characters, mostly Etertech. In Elyos side his nickname is "Seventhhokage" This is the same person. He selling a kinah on DC in asmo side. All the time he occupied a spots in Underground and farm 24/7 ID there, then they selling it in market, after this process he and his friend "Osorete" selling kinah on Discord. This is crazy that people like he, don't go to normal job, and broke fun in ggame other people. Alot of players will be left soon from this server if nobody doesn't do nothingg with this. 041b061a72


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