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Aquaveo SMS Premium 13.0.10 x64: The Best Software for Surface Water Modeling

Aquaveo SMS Premium 13.0.10 x64 Free Download

If you are looking for a powerful software for surface water modeling, you might want to check out Aquaveo SMS Premium 13.0.10 x64. This software has all the necessary features and tools for modeling various rivers and coastal phenomena, such as floods, waves, sediments, solutes, particles, and more. In this article, we will tell you what Aquaveo SMS Premium is, what are its features and benefits, how to download it for free, how to install it on your computer, and how to use it for surface water modeling.

Aquaveo SMS Premium 13.0.10 x64 Free Download

What is Aquaveo SMS Premium?

Aquaveo SMS Premium is a software product developed by Aquaveo, a company that specializes in water resources engineering software solutions. Aquaveo SMS stands for Surface-water Modeling System, and it is designed to help engineers and scientists create, edit, visualize, and perform numerical simulations of surface water models.

Aquaveo SMS Premium is based on a flexible design approach that allows users to build conceptual models using familiar GIS objects such as points, arcs, and polygons. These objects can be used to represent the geometry of hydraulic structures, boundary conditions, sources and sinks, observation points, and other model components. The conceptual model can then be converted into a numerical model by selecting one of the many available numerical engines that are integrated with Aquaveo SMS Premium.

Aquaveo SMS Premium supports a variety of numerical models for different applications, such as:

  • SRH-2D: A two-dimensional finite volume model for shallow water flow and sediment transport.

  • ADH: A multi-dimensional finite element model for hydrodynamic flow, sediment transport, water quality, and mobile bed morphology.

  • RMA2/RMA4: Two-dimensional finite element models for depth-averaged flow (RMA2) and water quality (RMA4).

  • FESWMS: A two-dimensional finite element model for unsteady flow in open channels and overland flow.

  • TUFLOW: A two-dimensional finite difference model for simulating flood and tide propagation in coastal and riverine environments.

  • BOUSS-2D: A two-dimensional Boussinesq wave model for simulating wave transformation and runup in coastal areas.

  • CSTMS: A one-dimensional cross-shore sediment transport model for simulating beach profile evolution.

  • STWAVE: A spectral wave model for simulating wind-generated waves in coastal waters.

  • GENCIRC: A two-dimensional finite difference model for simulating tidal circulation and water level fluctuations in estuaries and coastal regions.

  • PTM: A particle tracking model for simulating the movement of particles or contaminants in a flow field.

Aquaveo SMS Premium also provides a comprehensive set of tools for visualizing and analyzing the model results, such as:

  • Contour plots, vector plots, scatter plots, and profile plots.

  • Animation and time series graphs.

  • Statistics, histograms, and frequency distributions.

  • Sensitivity analysis, calibration, and optimization.

  • GIS data conversion and export.

Benefits of using Aquaveo SMS Premium

Using Aquaveo SMS Premium for surface water modeling has many benefits, such as:

  • It saves time and effort by allowing users to create conceptual models using GIS objects instead of tedious grid generation.

  • It offers flexibility and versatility by supporting multiple numerical models for different applications and scenarios.

  • It enhances accuracy and reliability by providing quality control tools and error checking features.

  • It improves productivity and efficiency by facilitating data management, model execution, and result visualization.

  • It increases collaboration and communication by enabling data sharing, report generation, and online publishing.

How to download Aquaveo SMS Premium for free?