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Otto Polyakov
Otto Polyakov

Phantom Hub

Impoprtant These instructions require the Phantom Security Hub app v1.1 or higher - if you are running an older version, be sure to upgraded it by selecting "Upgrade Apps" in your phantom instance or downloading the latest version of the app from and manually installing it.

Phantom Hub


About your phantom transactions reported in the tdc data file - when you connect a low-speed USB keyboard or mouse to the USB hub, which can be internal or external to the computer, the host sends packets (Dev 05) to the keyboard through the hub. When the hub gets the packets from the host, the hub retransmits these packets downstream to all the devices that are connected to the hub, including the Beagle USB 480 analyzer and the target device of your setup - the USB audio board.

Due to the broadcast nature of USB, all devices downstream from the host see the packets transmitted by the host. However, upstream traffic is only seen by devices directly in the line of data communication between the host and device, in this case the keyboard, hub, and host. In this set up the Beagle USB 480 analyzer is not in the path between the keyboard and host. Thus, the Beagle USB 480 analyzer sees the downstream packets from the host (phantom transactions) but does not see the response from the keyboard resulting in orphaned packets. For more details, please refer to the USB Device Settings section of the Data Center Software User Manual, and to chapters 8 and 11 of the USB 2.0 Specification document.

On June 13, Prof. Work and Prof. Benni Seibold provided a mini-tutorial on the foundations of traffic bottlenecks and phantom traffic jams at the 2018 SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures.

The original phantom is given by a specific image. In this implementation,we extracted the underlying parameters and the phantom thus works withspaces of any shape. Due to this, small variations may occur when comparedto the original phantom.

Phantoms that closely mimic the dielectric properties of human tissues play an important role in testing and evaluating devices and various treatment and diagnostic schemes. A phantom is a physical model made from tissue equivalent materials to imitate the characteristics of biological tissue and of wave propagation inside the human body. The phantoms can be generalized into two groups: to mimic high-water-content tissues (muscle, brain) and low-water-content tissues (fat, bone). Finding a good composition of the latter is still challenging.In this project we investigate phantoms comprising discontinuous or percolating oil phase in hydrogel continuous matrix manufactured from oil-in-water emulsion precursors. Focusing on the influence of the composition on their dielectric properties at the microwave frequencies. The particular interest is to correlate the size of oil domains (and later percolation) with the permittivity of the phantom. The images taken by CLSM microscope are segmented to estimate the diameter of the droplets and their distribution in the focal plane of the microscope. 041b061a72


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