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Asher Anderson

OneDrive Thumbnails Not Showing On Windows 10

Another factor that may cause the OneDrive preview not working issue is the size of the icons. So you can change the icon view with the following steps to see if the OneDrive thumbnails not showing on Mac and Windows issue can be solved:

OneDrive thumbnails not showing on Windows 10

Download File:

OneDrive is really not stable enough, even if Microsoft only launched Windows 11, there are already users reported Windows 11 folder thumbnails not showing problems. And OneDrive isn't connected, OneDrive not syncing these errors occur, will be very delayed user productivity, sometimes take a lot of time and even money to fix.

When you look at thumbnail previews of images and videos, you can quickly identify the content within them. But, if OneDrivie is not showing the picture thumbnails, then it might be difficult for you to identify the image without opening it. And this is a widespread problem with users using OneDrive app on Windows 11/10 PC.

As you can see from the above pic, there are some unrecognized icons showing in the windows 11 taskbar. There are two apps that do not have recognizable icons one was Edge app and the other one was the Chrome app.

Thumbnails in File Explorer make it easier for you to identify files even without opening the files. Sometimes, you may find that the file thumbnails are not showing up on your Windows 10 PC due to various reasons.


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