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Como fazer o download de Xamã Malvadão 3, a música que está bombando nas redes sociais

Xamã Malvadão 3: A Game Review

If you are looking for a fun, addictive, and challenging game that combines rap, trap, and action, then you might want to check out Xamã Malvadão 3. This game is based on the popular song by Xamã, a Brazilian rapper who is known for his witty lyrics, catchy beats, and charismatic persona. In this game, you will play as Xamã himself, as he goes on a wild adventure full of enemies, obstacles, and surprises. But is this game worth your time and money? Let's find out in this review.


Xamã Malvadão 3 is a side-scrolling platformer game that was released in 2021 by Bagua Records, a Brazilian independent label that specializes in rap and trap music. The game is inspired by Xamã's song of the same name, which is part of his album Zodíaco. The song is a sequel to Malvadão and Malvadão 2, which were also turned into games by Bagua Records. The song and the game are both about Xamã's alter ego, Malvadão, who is a badass, fearless, and rebellious character who does whatever he wants.

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The game features four levels, each with a different theme and setting. The first level is set in a city, where you have to dodge cars, bikes, and helicopters. The second level is set in a jungle, where you have to avoid snakes, spiders, and monkeys. The third level is set in a desert, where you have to escape from scorpions, cacti, and camels. The fourth level is set in a castle, where you have to fight against knights, dragons, and traps. Each level has a boss at the end, who will challenge you with their unique skills and attacks.

The game has two modes: normal and hard. In normal mode, you have three lives and unlimited continues. In hard mode, you have one life and no continues. You can also collect coins throughout the game, which you can use to buy items from a shop. The items include weapons, shields, health potions, and power-ups. You can also unlock achievements by completing certain tasks or challenges in the game.

The game has several pros and cons that you should consider before playing it. Here are some of them:

Features and Gameplay

Graphics and Sound

The game has a retro-style graphics that resemble the classic arcade games of the 80s and 90s. The game uses pixel art to create colorful and detailed environments, characters, and animations. The game also has a dynamic camera that zooms in and out depending on the action. The game has a smooth performance and no noticeable glitches or bugs.

The game has an amazing soundtrack that matches the mood and tone of each level. The game uses Xamã's songs as background music, which adds to the immersion and excitement of the game. The songs are catchy and energetic, and they feature Xamã's rap skills and witty lyrics. The game also has sound effects that enhance the gameplay, such as explosions, gunshots, and screams.

Story and Characters

The game has a simple but engaging story that follows Xamã's adventures as Malvadão. The game has a humorous and sarcastic tone, as it makes fun of various stereotypes and clichés of rap, trap, and action genres. The game also has references and easter eggs to Xamã's songs, albums, and personal life, as well as to other rap and trap artists, such as Drake, Travis Scott, and Lil Nas X.

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The game has a charismatic and likable protagonist, who is Xamã himself. Xamã is a talented and versatile rapper who can switch between different styles and flows. He is also a confident and rebellious character who does not care about the rules or the consequences. He is always ready for a challenge and a fight, and he does not back down from anyone. He is also funny and witty, as he makes jokes and insults his enemies with his clever rhymes.

Mechanics and Controls

The game has a simple but addictive gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. The game is a side-scrolling platformer that requires you to jump, run, duck, shoot, and dodge your way through the levels. The game has a responsive and intuitive control system that allows you to move and attack with ease. You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move, the spacebar to jump, the Z key to shoot, and the X key to use items. You can also pause the game by pressing the P key.

The game has a variety of enemies and obstacles that will test your skills and reflexes. You will face different types of enemies, such as thugs, bikers, cops, soldiers, ninjas, zombies, aliens, robots, and more. Each enemy has their own behavior and attack pattern that you have to learn and avoid. You will also encounter different types of obstacles, such as spikes, pits, lasers, fireballs, bombs, and more. Each obstacle has its own effect and damage that you have to dodge or endure.

Pros and Cons


The game has many positive aspects that make it a great game to play. Some of them are:

  • The game has a fun and original concept that combines rap, trap, and action in a unique way.

  • The game has a high replay value, as you can play it in different modes, collect coins and items, unlock achievements, and try to beat your own score.

  • The game has a low price, as you can download it for free from the official website or buy it for a small fee from Steam or other platforms.

  • The game has a loyal fan base, as you can join the online community of Xamã fans who share their opinions, tips, fan art, memes, and more.


The game also has some negative aspects that might affect your enjoyment of the game. Some of them are:

  • The game has a short duration, as you can finish it in less than an hour if you are skilled enough.

  • The game has a high difficulty level, as you will face many enemies and obstacles that will make you die often.

  • The game has a limited variety of items and weapons, as you can only use a pistol, a shotgun, a grenade, and a knife in the game.

  • The game has a controversial content, as it contains violence, profanity, drugs, and nudity that might offend some people.


Xamã Malvadão 3 is a game that will appeal to fans of rap, trap, and action games. The game has a retro-style graphics, an amazing soundtrack, a simple but engaging story, a charismatic and likable protagonist, a simple but addictive gameplay, a high replay value, and a low price. The game also has some drawbacks, such as a short duration, a high difficulty level, a limited variety of items and weapons, and a controversial content. However, these are minor issues that do not overshadow the fun and originality of the game. Therefore, I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a new and exciting game to play.

I would rate this game 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you want to download the game, you can visit the official website of Bagua Records or Steam or other platforms. If you want to learn more about Xamã and his music, you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. If you want to play the game better, you can check out some tips below:



Collect coins

Coins are useful for buying items from the shop. You can find coins in various places in the game, such as crates, barrels, boxes, or enemies. You can also get coins by completing achievements.

Use items wisely

Items can help you survive and defeat enemies faster. However, they are limited and expensive. Therefore, you should use them wisely and sparingly. For example, you should use health potions only when you are low on health, and grenades only when you are surrounded by enemies.

Avoid unnecessary damage

Damage can reduce your health and make you lose lives. Therefore, you should avoid unnecessary damage by dodging or blocking enemy attacks and obstacles. You can also use shields to protect yourself from damage.

Learn enemy patterns

Enemies have different patterns of behavior and attack that you can learn and exploit. For example, some enemies will charge at you while others will shoot at you from a distance. Some enemies will also have weak spots that you can target to


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