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Download and Play 29 Card Games - The Game of Skill and Luck

29 Card Game is a card game app developed by Knight Cave. Free to download and play, this app allows users to play 29, a popular Indian trick-taking card also known as Twenty-Eight. Here, you can play the game with friends or random players online, a local opponent via Bluetooth, or solo offline.

Joining a game in the 29 Card Game app is easy since there are many active users. However, connecting to the multiplayer mode is very difficult. Additionally, the game has many flaws and is biased to the 7th card, making It nearly impossible to win.

29 card games download

The 29 Card Game is played by four players in fixed partnerships, with partners facing each other. It uses 32 out of the 52 cards in the standard deck, including 7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A for all four suits. Although, the value assigned to them is unusual. Here, whoever has the jack and the nines is the king in the room. The aim is to win tricks containing valuable cards.

However, while the game is easy to play, the app says otherwise. As mentioned, connecting to a room can be difficult, especially if you are logging in as a guest. The game also has flaws, making it hard for players to win. Often, your opponent gets all the good cards, allowing them to make absurd calls to win. Even worse, the shuffling is very poor.

With the 29 Card Game app, you can play the game without looking for an opponent every time you want to play the game. It offers various ways to join a match, either online or offline. However, while the card game itself is good, playing with this app is not. There are too many flaws in the platform that hinder you from enjoying the otherwise fun game.

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A: We get a lot of requests from people that just want one tiny little feature added to a game. What they don't realize is that if we start implementing all the suggestions we get then the games will no longer be simple. The number one praise we get is that the interface is simple and uncluttered and it's easy to play. That's very much deliberate. There is no login, no loading screens, as few options as possible. We want to keep it as simple as possible, and that means each game only has one set of rules, you can't choose variations, we try to add as few controls as possible to the screen etc. So, don't feel bad if you make a suggestion and I deny it, we deny 99% of all suggestions.

A: No. In all the games the cards are dealt randomly at the start, and the computer players make their decisions based only on knowledge of their own hands, and knowledge of what has been played. Basically they use the same information as a human player would have available to them.

A: That technically isn't a question, but that aside: these questions are the most commonly asked ones, but for a few more questions that commonly pop up in our support email you may find your answer on this page, which covers things like what the green checkmarks mean, if we will add specific games or options, and so on and so forth.

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You can always contact us with any questions, suggestions or issues. It's generally best to contact us by email at, but we're also on Twitter (@cardgames_io), on Mastodon (, and on Facebook. The official community group can also be found there: pop in and say hello! is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

The goal for this card game app is for the team to achieve or exceed the target bid. And you and your partner will work together to achieve that. To help you understand how the 29 Card Game works, read on.

To start using this program, simply download any selected Apps Installer. It will then install both the game and the wrapper system into your system, and create a shortcut on your desktop. Controls have been pre-defined in the current version for the time being, control setting varies per game.

It's a trick-avoidance game played by 4 players. The player with the lowest score wins the game. The objective of the game is to avoid taking point cards, where a suit of Hearts card is worth 1 point, and the Queen of Spades is worth 13 points.

At the start of the game, each player is dealt 13 cards, and on each round, players pass 3 cards to another player. The 2 of Club starts the round. Players must follow suit, but if they can't, they can play any card.

When a Hearts card or Queen of Spades is first played, it's known as "Breaking hearts", and after that, Hearts can be led. When a player reaches 100 points, the game ends. The player with the lowest score when the game ends wins.

What does "shooting the moon" mean?Shooting the moon is a strategy where a player takes all the point cards (all the hearts cards and the Queen of Spades) during a hand. If successful, the other players are given a penalty of 26 points, or the player shooting the moon can subtract 26 points from their own score.

Shooting the sun is a rarer and more difficult feat than shooting the moon. To shoot the sun, a player must take all the cards in hand, both point and non-point. If successful, the other players are penalized with 39 points.

This is one of a group of South Asian trick-taking games in which the Jack and the Nine are the highest cards in every suit. It is almost certain that they are descended from the European family of Jass games, which originated in the Netherlands. Probably they were brought to the Indian subcontinent by Dutch traders.

32 cards from a standard 52-card pack are used for play. There are eight cards in each of the usual "French" suits: hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. The cards in every suit rank from high to low: J-9-A-10-K-Q-8-7. The aim of the game is to win tricks containing valuable cards. The values of the cards are:

This gives a total of 28 points for cards. In some versions of the game, the last trick is worth an extra card point, for a total of 29: this total explains the name of the game. Most players nowadays do not count the point for the last trick, but the name of the game is still 29, even when playing this version with only 28 points.

Traditionally, the Twos, Threes Fours and Fives discarded from the full 52-card pack are used as trump indicators: each player takes a set of these cards, one of each suit. The Sixes are used to keep score: each partnership uses one red and one black Six for this purpose.

Based on these four cards, players bid for the right to choose trumps. Each bid is a number, and the highest bidder undertakes that his or her side will win in tricks at least the number of points bid. The player to dealer's left speaks first, and subsequent players, in clockwise order, may either bid higher or pass. The minimum bid allowed is 15 and the maximum is 28 (assuming that the point for the last trick is not counted). If any player bids, the auction continues for as many rounds as necessary until three players pass in succession. If the first three players pass, the dealer is forced to bid 15, which ends the auction.

The final bidder chooses a trump suit and to indicate the chosen suit, arranges the face down pile of Twos to Fives that are not used in the play so that a card of the chosen suit is at the bottom, but does not show this card to the other players. The dealer then completes the deal, giving four more cards to each player, so that everyone has eight.

The player to the dealer's left leads to the first trick; players must follow suit if possible, and the winner of each trick leads to the next. Initially the trump suit is unknown to the players other than the bidder. The first player who is unable to follow suit must ask the bidder to declare the trump suit; the bidder then shows the trump indicator card to everyone. If the bidder is the first player unable to follow suit, he must declare what suit is trumps at that point. A player unable to follow suit may play any card; there is no obligation to play a trump, even for the player who required trumps to be declared. Starting from the trick during which the trump suit is declared, each trick is won by the highest trump in it, or by the highest card of the suit led if it contains no trumps.

At any time after the trump has been declared, a player who holds both the King and Queen of trumps in hand can declare them immediately after he or his partner has won a trick. This combination is called 'Royals', or a 'Pair'. Note that a player who originally held the King and Queen of trumps cannot declare them if one or both of them has already been played, and that they can only be declared after the declaring side has won either the trick during which trumps were declared or a later trick. If the Pair is declared by the bidder or his partner, the effect is to reduce by 4 the number of card points they require to fulfill their bid, subject to a minimum of 15; if an opponent of the bidder declares a Pair, it increases the number of points required by the bidding side by 4, subject to a maximum of 28 (assuming there is no point for the last trick).


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