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Dorofei Bragin

[S6E22] Family Un-Ties

The universal themes of family, parenting, the battle of the sexes -- and of course, man's need for "more power" -- come to play each and every weekday on Home Improvement. Every episode finds Tim the "Tool Man" Taylor causing his share of goof-ups and mishaps and leaving his long-suffering wife, Jill, family and friends to mop up the mess.

[S6E22] Family Un-Ties

Season six is a little rough for the newly married couple, but things get back on track with a trip to Paris in S6E10, "Second Chunce." In S6E19, "Flu Season 2," Leslie reveals she's pregnant, and by the end of S6E22, "Moving Up," a time jump reveals Ben and Leslie's little family of five.

Jump to the chaos following Kai's violent interruption of Jo and Alaric's wedding. Damon attempts to feed a wounded Elena his blood. Alaric cradles Jo's dead body in his arms lamenting that this can't be happening. Damon worries that Elena won't wake up after taking his blood. Stefan and Caroline awaken, brushing the fallen rubble off of themselves before rushing over to find a broken hearted Damon hovering over a lifeless Elena. They suggest that Damon rush Elena to the hospital, and like that, Damon picks up Elena in his arms and using his vamp speed, races over to the hospital. Caroline and Stefan are just coming to terms with what has just happened when Kai uses his magic to snap their necks before he goes after Jo. Kai's family converge on him, chanting a Gemini spell to send him back to a prison world. Before they can finish, Kai picks up a shard of glass and gleefully stabs himself in his own neck to take out his whole family.

Stefan gets fed up with Lily searching for her friends, whom she insists on calling 'her family'. He says if she doesn't come with him, she's out of his life. She takes no notice of him and responds that she won't leave them again. Then she confesses the really bad news, that Kai had offered her a deal, in order for him to bring back her family, she was to feed him some of her blood.

Enzo arrives to meet Lily at the shipping containers where she expected to find her friends. She tries to explain what they mean to her. Then Enzo notices a building that wasn't there last night. Kai had it cloaked, then he died so it's now uncloaked. Lily walks in and to her surprise, her family come towards her. Lily runs and gives them a huge hug.

Elena and AlaricGeneral InformationNickname(s)ElaricIntimacy LevelsFamily, Step-Father/Step-Daughter, Close Family Bond; Close Friends, Allies, Former Enemies; They love each other like family, They are protective of each other, Alaric tried to keep Elena safe, Their lives were once linked by Esther (which bonded them), Elena wished Alaric a good life because she thought she would be under a magical coma for decades and that she wouldn't see Alaric alive again.First MetNovember 6, 2009 (History Repeating)StatusFamily, Step-Father/Step-Daughter, Allies; Ended (Elena is dead.)

The series starts out with the family eating dinner and having a good time. George has a football meeting the next day and is unable to attend church. The next day, he goes to work and has his son Georgie play for the football team. He meets the principal Peterman and several teachers; they want to send him to private school but they cannot afford it and he does not want to get involved with anything. He goes to the locker room and sees Georgie not happy and gives him a prep talk. Afterwards, he tells Sheldon to be better. (Pilot (Young Sheldon))

When the IRS sends a letter saying the family owes an additional $4, Sheldon is not pleased as he insists he has done all the taxes correctly. George wants to pay it. Sheldon gets ahead of him and calls the IRS agent Malcolm Green, and wants to explain. Now, he has a letter about audits. He takes Sheldon to meet with Agent Green and there, Sheldon corrects everything. In a mental imagination as Sheldon talks to the agent, he was the one moving pieces of a chess board and claps when Sheldon wins. (Mitch's Son and the Unconditional Approval of a Government Agency)

John Sturgis comes for dinner and everyone is having a good time. They explore alternate universes where members of the family are different. He imagines himself as an upgright person who is a preacher and is well respected.(A Black Hole)

George had came to get away from his family when h e was met with Brenda Sparks. They talk a bit and discuss their own personal problems. He has problems with his heart and end up in the hospital. He was diagnosed by Doctor Kwok as suffered Angina Pectoris. He goes home later on and rests. As a result of the meeting, Meemaw thinks she is cheating on Mary and tries to get information but to no avail. When Georgie wants to move out and drop out of school, he wants George out. He is not happy with Dale for encouraging him to focus only work. He allows Georgie to live in the garage.

George reveals he had served in the United States Army. He had lived in the barracks. During this time, he met Mary Tucker, and started to dating him. He got her pregnant, so he had to marry her. He later left the army to support the family. It is later revealed that he was much older and said woman looked older then.

Cheryl invites Toni over as her emotional support for her father's upcoming will-reading. As they are deciding on a wardrobe for the occasion, Cheryl's mother barges in and demands to know what is going on. Toni introduces herself, but Penelope isn't too interested in her per se, turning her attention to Cheryl and telling her to be downstairs before the guests arrive. The will-reading begins soon thereafter, at which point, it is determined that the second half of Clifford's fortune will go to Cheryl alone. Just as she approaches the podium to speak, she is interrupted by Clifford's estranged twin brother, Claudius Blossom. The following night, once Claudius is situated, Toni is invited to dinner with Cheryl and her family, where they discuss his journeys as a sailor; he came upon an Island named "Lesbos", in reference to Cheryl and Toni's relationship. He claims it was the most beautiful and natural place on earth.[4]

Cheryl nurses Toni back to health after she and all the other River Vixens collapsed and began seizing in the hallway. She's made Toni tea and the Blossom family physician is on call should Toni feel another spell coming on. While Toni insists that she's fine, she worries that what happened to her may be contagious. However, there is nothing that will keep Cheryl away. She even invites Toni to move in with her. Toni agrees, so long as she's the big spoon. The two then proceed to kiss.[13]

Cheryl and Toni lay in bed, simply enjoying each other's company and the fact that they're laying in an actual bed. While Toni doesn't miss the mud or cold of Sunnyside Trailer Park, she does miss the Serpents. They both receive simultaneous alerts for their SAT scores. The two of them then head to school, where Cheryl takes it upon herself to out Moose, which angers Toni, who confronts Cheryl. Toni tells Cheryl to get some perspective, sharing how her uncle hated the fact that she dated girls. That's why the Serpents, acting as a surrogate family, were so important to her. She understands that Cheryl's mad at her mom and even more upset that she's not going to Highsmith college, which, for the record, Toni could never get into or afford. Highsmith college was Cheryl's legacy, and the Serpents were Toni's. Now they're not. Cheryl claims that she'll fix everything as Toni is the most important person in her life.

After taking down the Gargoyle Gang, led by Marcus Mason, Moose's dad, Cheryl and Toni return to school, where Cheryl expresses that she wants to repay the favor for all that Toni has done for her. Call it step four of her mega plan. They enter a classroom to about half a dozen female students. Cheryl informs Toni that it's her new gang if she wants it to be. Cheryl knows how much Toni misses being a Serpent as they were her family. So, she found some other girls who were looking for support or community, or even fisticuffs. With this gesture, Cheryl would like to start a new family. Toni is extremely grateful, referring to Cheryl's gesture as the most badass and romantic thing she's ever done. Peaches 'N Cream inquiries about the name for their newly found family, to which Toni falls on the name "Pretty Poisons." Pretty by day, poison by night.[15]

While carving pumpkins at Thistlehouse, Toni tells Cheryl that it's time to bury Jason after she'd been promising for weeks they would. Cheryl wants to postpone the burial until after Halloween, but Toni presses her into doing it today. Cheryl settles and agrees to bury Jason on the Blossom family plot on the grounds of Thornhill, though she warns Toni Jason won't like this. And when they return, they find a doll sitting on the couch. Cheryl claims it's the doing of Jason's ghost, who's mad about them burying him. Toni isn't buying Cheryl's story and throws the doll away. While making out on the bed, Cheryl and Toni hear the twins crying over the baby monitor, only to find them sound asleep in the living room. When Cheryl asks Nana Rose for the other baby monitor, she tells them that she heard Cheryl's brother crying in the chapel. So, they head down to the chapel, where they find the other baby monitor and the doll that Toni previously threw away. Cheryl is insistent that this is the work of an angry Jason and suggests performing a séance in order to talk to him.

Too scared to leave Nana Rose and the twins alone with Julian, Cheryl circles the doll with a barrier of salt, as it's believed to prevent evil spirits from crossing over. However, she returns from school to find the barrier of salt broken and Julian now in the chapel, on Jason's lap. She then receives an unexpected visit from aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford, who wish to sell the family maple business, but Cheryl declines after they attempt to head down to the chapel, where she has Jason's corpse hidden. Cheryl believes that somehow Julian has brought her extended family upon them, and so, it's time to get rid of him once and for all. Cheryl drowns Julian in the tub, placing him underwater and laying a brick on top to keep him from floating up. 041b061a72


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