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Temple Run 2: The Sequel that Redefined Mobile Gaming is Turning 10 - Download it Today

Temple Run 2: A Decade of Running

Temple Run 2 is one of the most popular and addictive running games on mobile devices. It has been downloaded over a billion times since its release in 2013, and it continues to attract millions of players every day. In this article, we will explore what makes this game so fun and exciting, how you can download it for free, and how you can celebrate its 10th anniversary with special events and rewards.

What is Temple Run 2?

Temple Run 2 is a sequel to Temple Run, a game that redefined mobile gaming with its endless running gameplay. In Temple Run 2, you play as an explorer who has stolen a cursed idol from a temple and is chased by a giant monkey. Your goal is to run as far as you can, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins, and using power-ups along the way.

temple run 2 10th anniversary download


Temple Run 2 features the same controls as its predecessor. You swipe left or right to turn, up to jump, and down to slide. You also tilt your device to move from side to side on the path. However, Temple Run 2 introduces new elements that make the game more varied and challenging. Some of these are:

  • New obstacles, such as zip-lines, mine tracks, waterfalls, and fire jets.

  • New environments, such as a lost jungle, a frozen shadow, a blazing sands, and a sky summit.

  • New characters, each with their own special abilities and power-ups.

  • New power-ups, such as a shield, a coin magnet, a boost, and a score multiplier.

  • New achievements and objectives to complete.

Temple Run 2 also has improved graphics that make the game more immersive and realistic. The game uses the Unity engine to create stunning 3D effects and animations. The game also has dynamic lighting and shadows that change according to the time of day and the environment.


Temple Run 2 has received positive reviews from critics and users alike. The game has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on both the App Store and Google Play . Some of the praises for the game are:

"It's back! Sprint for the leaderboards in the sequel to one of the App Store's most popular endless runners, which arrives with a host of fabulous improvements, from overhauled graphics to refined controls, original minecart and zip-line challenges, and much more." - Editors' Choice on App Store

"I really enjoy playing this game. True, there isn't much of a plot, and it would be nice if there were a story at the start to give us a background on the lore surrounding the ancient people, their ruin, the guardian gorillas, and the idol's importance. But I am also glad that it's not overcomplicated by an overly complex storyline... Settings are beautiful and gameplay is smooth and addicting. A true gem!" - Nicole Tolman on Google Play

How to Download Temple Run 2?

Temple Run 2 is available for free on various platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle Fire. The game is compatible with most devices that have at least 1 GB of RAM and 300 MB of free storage space. The game also requires an internet connection to access some features, such as leaderboards, objectives, and events.


Here is a list of the platforms that support Temple Run 2 and their respective download links:


Download Link



Windows Phone

Kindle Fire


To download and install Temple Run 2 on your device, follow these simple steps:

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  • Open the download link for your platform from the table above.

  • Tap on the "Get" or "Install" button and wait for the download to finish.

  • Launch the game from your home screen or app drawer.

  • Enjoy running for your life!

How to Celebrate Temple Run 2's 10th Anniversary?

Temple Run 2 is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a series of special events and rewards that will make your running experience even more thrilling and rewarding. These events and rewards are only available for a limited time, so don't miss this chance to join the celebration!


The 10th anniversary events are divided into four categories: Global Challenges, Daily Quests, Weekly Hunts, and Anniversary Party. Each category has different objectives and rewards that you can complete and collect. Here is a brief overview of each category:

  • Global Challenges: These are community-wide events that require all players to work together to achieve a common goal. For example, one challenge might be to run a total of 10 billion meters collectively. If the goal is reached, everyone who participated will receive a reward.

  • Daily Quests: These are individual tasks that you can complete every day to earn coins, gems, and other items. For example, one quest might be to collect 100 coins in one run. You can view your daily quests from the main menu.

  • Weekly Hunts: These are collectible items that you can find and collect during your runs. They are usually themed according to the current environment or season. For example, one hunt might be to find 10 snowflakes in the Frozen Shadows map. You can view your weekly hunts from the main menu.

  • Anniversary Party: This is a special event that lasts for 10 days and features exclusive rewards and surprises. You can access this event from the main menu and see what's in store for you each day. Some of the rewards include new characters, outfits, power-ups, and more.


The 10th anniversary rewards are designed to make your running adventure more fun and exciting. Some of the rewards include:

  • New Characters: You can unlock new characters that have unique abilities and power-ups. Some of the new characters include Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Barry Bones from Jetpack Joyride, Sonic the Hedgehog from Sonic Dash, and more.

  • New Outfits: You can customize your characters with new outfits that match their personalities and styles. Some of the new outfits include a tuxedo for Guy Dangerous, a pirate costume for Scarlett Fox, a ninja suit for Karma Lee, and more.

  • New Power-ups: You can enhance your running skills with new power-ups that give you an edge over the obstacles and enemies. Some of the new power-ups include a grappling hook that lets you swing across gaps, a hoverboard that lets you glide over hazards, a rocket launcher that lets you blast through obstacles, and more.

  • New Gear: You can equip your characters with new gear that boosts their stats and abilities. Some of the new gear include a helmet that protects you from head-on collisions, a backpack that increases your coin capacity, a ring that attracts more gems, and more.

  • New Treasure: You can collect new treasure that adds to your score and unlocks new achievements. Some of the new treasure include a golden idol, a diamond skull, a ruby heart, and more.

  • New Allies: You can recruit new allies that help you during your runs. Some of the new allies include a monkey that throws bananas at enemies, a parrot that flies ahead and warns you of dangers, a dog that fetches coins and gems, and more.

Tips and Tricks to Play Like a Pro

Temple Run 2 is a game that requires quick reflexes, good timing, and smart strategies. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your performance and score high:


  • Upgrade your power-ups: Power-ups are essential to boost your speed, score, and survival. You can upgrade your power-ups by spending coins or gems in the store. The higher the level of your power-ups, the longer they last and the more effective they are.

Choose your character wisely: Each character has their own special ability and power-up that can give you an advantage in different situ


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