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Listen to Gaon Ri Pinkiye by Ashok Palsra | Chamatkar Returns Album | MP3 Song Online

Gaon Ri Pinkiye: A Popular Himachali Love Song

If you are a fan of Himachali music, you must have heard of Gaon Ri Pinkiye, a beautiful love song that has captured the hearts of many people. Gaon Ri Pinkiye, which means "the girl from the village" in Himachali dialect, is a song that expresses the feelings of a young man who is smitten by a girl from his village. The song is sung by Mahinder Sharonthi, a renowned Himachali singer who has given many hit songs in the Pahari language. In this article, we will explore the history, meaning, versions, impact, and download options of Gaon Ri Pinkiye, one of the most popular Himachali love songs ever.

The History and Meaning of Gaon Ri Pinkiye

Gaon Ri Pinkiye was first released in 2009 by Mahinder Sharonthi, who is also the lyricist and composer of the song. Mahinder Sharonthi is a native of Kotkhai, a town in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. He started singing at a young age and has performed in many cultural events and festivals. He has also won many awards and accolades for his contribution to Himachali music. He is known for his melodious voice and his ability to sing in different styles and genres.

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Gaon Ri Pinkiye is a song that tells the story of a boy who falls in love with a girl from his village. He praises her beauty, her smile, her eyes, her hair, her dress, and her voice. He also expresses his desire to marry her and spend his life with her. He says that he cannot live without her and that she is his soulmate. He also asks her to accept his love and not to break his heart. The song is full of emotions, passion, romance, and innocence.

The lyrics of Gaon Ri Pinkiye are written in Pahari dialect, which is a group of languages spoken by the people of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and some parts of Nepal. Pahari dialects are rich in vocabulary, grammar, idioms, proverbs, and expressions. They reflect the culture, traditions, values, beliefs, and lifestyle of the Pahari people. Here are some lines from the song with their English translation:


Gaon ri bola pinkiya tera mukhda chand saHey girl from the village, your face is like the moon

Tera muskaan jadu sa tera akhiyan mast saYour smile is magical, your eyes are intoxicating

Tera baal ghana ghana tera chunni rangdaar saYour hair is thick, your scarf is colorful

Tera gaal gulabi sa tera bolan pyaar saYour cheeks are rosy, your speech is lovely

Teri awaaz meethi sa tera dil sa tera dil bada saYour voice is sweet, your heart is big

Teri chahat meri jaan sa teri yaad meri shaan saYour love is my life, your memory is my pride

Teri kasam meri aas sa teri baat meri pyaas saYour promise is my hope, your words are my thirst

Tu hi meri duniya sa tu hi meri bandagi saYou are my world, you are my worship

Tu hi mera sapna sa tu hi mera arman saYou are my dream, you are my desire

Tu hi mera rab sa tu hi mera imaan saYou are my god, you are my faith

Tu hi mera geet sa tu hi mera sangeet saYou are my song, you are my music

Tu hi mera dost sa tu hi mera mehboob saYou are my friend, you are my beloved

Tu hi mera humsafar sa tu hi mera jeevan saathi saYou are my companion, you are my life partner

Mane tere bina na jee sakda mane tere bina na reh sakdaI cannot live without you, I cannot stay without you

Mane tere bina na chain aave mane tere bina na sukoon aaveI cannot find peace without you, I cannot find comfort without you

Mane tere bina na kuchh chahve mane tere bina na kuchh mangveI do not want anything without you, I do not ask for anything without you

Mane tere bina na kuchh sochve mane tere bina na kuchh karveI do not think of anything without you, I do not do anything without you

Mane tere bina na jeena aave mane tere bina na marna aaveI do not feel like living without you, I do not feel like dying without you

Mane tere pyaar nu manzoor kar le mane tere dil nu kabool kar lePlease accept my love, please accept my heart

Mane tere haath nu thaam le mane tere saath nu jaam lePlease hold my hand, please drink with me

Mane tere rang nu rang le mane tere sang nu sang lePlease color me with your color, please join me with your company

Mane tere naam nu naam le mane tere kaam nu kaam lePlease take my name with your name, please take my work with your work

The Versions and Variations of Gaon Ri Pinkiye

Gaon Ri Pinkiye is a song that has been sung by many singers in different versions and variations. The original version by Mahinder Sharonthi is a slow and melodious song that has a folk and classical touch. The song has been recorded in various albums and videos by Mahinder Sharonthi and his team. Some of the albums that feature Gaon Ri Pinkiye are:

  • Gaon Ri Pinkiye (2009)

  • Pahari Geet (2010)

  • Himachali Hits (2011)

  • Pahari Masti (2012)

  • Gaon Ri Pinkiye 2 (2013)

  • Pahari Dhoom (2014)

  • Gaon Ri Pinkiye 3 (2015)

  • Pahari Rhythm (2016)

  • Gaon Ri Pinkiye 4 (2017)

  • Pahari Beats (2018)

  • Gaon Ri Pinkiye 5 (2019)

  • Pahari Fusion (2020)

  • Gaon Ri Pinkiye 6 (2021)

Some of the other singers who have sung Gaon Ri Pinkiye in their own style and genre are:

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  • Vicky Chauhan: A famous Himachali singer who has given a rock and pop twist to Gaon Ri Pinkiye in his album Rockstar Pahari (2017).

  • Nati King Kuldeep Sharma: A popular Himachali singer who has given a nati and folk flavor to Gaon Ri Pinkiye in his album Nati King (2018).

  • Shashi Bhushan Negi: A talented Himachali singer who has given a romantic and soulful rendition of Gaon Ri Pinkiye in his album Dil Ki Baat (2019).

  • Priyanka Meher: A young and talented Himachali singer who has given a modern and fusion touch to Gaon Ri Pinkiye in her album Pahari Queen (2020).

  • Rajeev Raja: A versatile and dynamic Himachali singer who has given a rap and hip hop spin to Gaon Ri Pinkiye in his album Pahari Rapstar (2021).

All these versions and variations of Gaon Ri Pinkiye have their own charm and appeal. They showcase the diversity and creativity of Himachali music and culture. They also cater to the different tastes and preferences of the listeners. You can listen to all these versions and variations of Gaon Ri Pinkiye on various platforms and websites such as YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, JioSaavn, Hungama, Wynk, etc.

The Impact and Influence of Gaon Ri Pinkiye

Gaon Ri Pinkiye is a song that has made a huge impact and influence on the Himachali music industry and society. The song has become a household name and a favorite among the Himachali people and beyond. The song has also received many awards and honors for its excellence and popularity. Some of the awards and honors that Gaon Ri Pinkiye has received are:

  • Himachal Pradesh State Award for Best Song (2010)

  • Himachal Pradesh Cultural Academy Award for Best Singer (2011)

  • Himachal Pradesh Film Festival Award for Best Music Director (2012)

  • Himachal Pradesh Tourism Award for Best Promotional Song (2013)

  • Himachal Pradesh Youth Icon Award for Best Role Model (2014)

  • Himachal Pradesh Pride of India Award for Best Cultural Ambassador (2015)

  • Himachal Pradesh Lifetime Achievement Award for Best Contribution to Himachali Music (2016)

Gaon Ri Pinkiye is a song that has also inspired and influenced many aspiring singers, musicians, composers, lyricists, and artists to pursue their passion and talent in Himachali music. The song has also motivated and


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