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Otto Polyakov
Otto Polyakov

You Only Live Twice (James Bond 007) Extra Quality

I watched you only live twice today because of all references to the Okura hotel which is now demolished. Many refer to the Okura for the 007 filming, but I cannot see it at all in the movie. Is it that most people confuse it with the new otani? Maybe they stayed there while filming?

You Only Live Twice (James Bond 007)

By Bad Movie Law, secret hideouts always blow up as everyone runs to escape. Here the surviving heroes swim to the safety of rubber rafts dropped by the 007 Rubber Raft Delivery Company, through caves previously filled with poison gas. Triggered by Blofeld's TNT, the volcano erupts, thus putting You Only Live Twice at the level of kiddie adventures in which volcanoes always erupt when disturbed. Bond's in there somewhere, swimming with the rest, SuperSpy in name only. 041b061a72


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