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Asher Anderson
Asher Anderson

Placeable Floodlight V 1.0

## Changes for Modders:* added dynamic runway markings by whale_2. The model kourseXX will display the corresponding runway number according to its heading.* Added new StaticModule: "FlagDecal" This is basicly the same module as for Parts. It sets a texture of a Model to th actual flag.* SpannerMonkey contributed a new BillBoard Model, which displays your current MissionFlag* Added the KSC facility models to the list of placeable models.* "isScanable" flag for instances: These objects will show up in anomaly scanners as marks. (setable in the editor)* hidden flag for Launchsites: Closed Launchsites are not shown in map or launchsite selector when marked "hidden". You need to go there first and open them* When the KK-editor is open, you can select (most) statics under the mousepointer by pressing the "left shift" key.

Placeable Floodlight v 1.0



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