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The Primary Account Cannot Be Removed Outlook 2019

When you move from one Microsoft Exchange service to another, such as from an internal Exchange server to Office365, and want to retain the current profile, you cannot remove the original Exchange account from your profile.

the primary account cannot be removed outlook 2019

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The primary Exchange account is the first account added to the profile. The primary account cannot be removed from a profile until all other Exchange accounts are removed from the profile (when the primary is removed, the next Exchange account added is considered the primary).

You have three choices when you need to remove a primary account from your profile. You can make a new profile (recommended), remove all Exchange accounts from your profile then add the new account back, or remove a key from the registry so you can delete the primary account from the registry.

While making a new profile might be faster (and is the recommended method), there is a convoluted method you can use to change the primary account and keep the profile, retaining profile-specific settings.

Go to Control Panel, Mail and remove all of the Exchange accounts from the profile, removing the primary account last. You'll need to add a pst to the profile and set it as the default data file, then restart Outlook.

I said it was convoluted, although it's not bad if you only have a couple of Exchange accounts... if you have a lot of Exchange accounts or the mailboxes you are keeping in the profile are huge, you can edit the registry to remove the 'primary' flag then delete the account. Editing the registry is generally the better option when the mailboxes will take a long time to re-sync (or you are on a metered connection) or if you have a lot of Exchange accounts in your profile.

To remove the Outlook 2010 primary account from the registry, go to the profile key:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging SubSystem\Profile\profile-name

I searched the profile for 001f662b (or 001f6641 in Outlook 2016) as this value is used by each account. You'll find two keys containing this value for each account and you need to delete the second key that belongs to the primary account (you can delete both keys). Once I did this, I could delete the primary account from the profile.

In current versions of Outlook 2016/2019/Outlook 365 (subscription) you will not have the visual clues to identify the account. Search for 001f6641 and delete the first entry found, after verifying the key belongs to the primary account. Try removing the account from the profile (in Control Panel, Mail), if it fails, find the next key for the address and try again. (There are at least 3 keys for each Exchange account in the newer builds.)

This was very helpful and worked exactly as described. I ended up having to search and wipe a few keys that matched 001f6641 and contained the account in question but once those were cleaned up I was able to set a different a different account as primary and delete the bad account.

When I made it all the way to the Outlook profiles by way of regedit, there was only one folder with the primary account I wanted to delete. I exported it to my desktop first then deleted it. I restarted the computer and Outlook crashes. I went back to regedit and imported the folder (key?) and it went right back to how it was before I deleted it. I restarted the computer and Outlook still crashes....

If you want to change the primary account without creating a new profile, there is a better option. You can change your primary account and keep your profile along with profile-specific settings by adding a PST file to the profile and setting it as the default data file.

Hi, If the signature appears in Gmail only, it probably means that it was set up in Gmail. As far as I know, a Gmail account cannot be added to Outlook on the web. If you want to set up the signature in Outlook on the web, follow the steps from this article, when logged as the new co-worker.

Hi, I have a lot of different accounts in my bussiness, but the signature of one of them is giving me trouble, when I try to change it using chrome there are missing characters at the bottom or at the top, and when i try using the phone to open an e-mail with that signature, it is cutted in half, like if it is not adapting to the screen size. If i use the outlook app, it does work correctly, but i don`t understand why this is happening with just one account and it works fine in all the others.

I am able to access and edit my signature with font, colour, sizing and image with no issue for my office 365 account on the outlook website, however, when using the outlook app the signature disappears. When I go to the signature option on the app, I can only add text with no formatting options (my company have a strict house style). When I add at least this in a basic format, it still does not actually appear. How do I get my original signature settings to stick to my whole account and not just when I access it via the website.

Note: 1) Repeat from Step 1 to Step 5 to move email messages in other folders of the email account you will removed to destination folders. 2) This method will ignore subfolders. If subfolders exist, you have to repeat from step 1 to step 5 to move email messages in these subfolders.

A: In Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 and earlier, user-created rules and alerts are stored in their own file ending in .rwz, located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook. In Outlook 2002 and later, rules are stored in a hidden table called Associated Contents, within the default mail store. For example, if the default delivery location is a Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox, then rules are stored in a hidden table called Folder Associated Contents, representing hidden items in the inbox. An IMAP account cannot be the default account in Outlook; rules created within an IMAP account are stored separately in the IMAP .pst file.

Hi madamI need help. Yesterday mistakenly from my Outlook sent a massage which size was 70 mb. In myOutlook capacity is 25 mb. At this moment i cannot send any massage. That big mail stuckked in my outlook outbo.

Hi,i have outlook 2013 Pro, and recently upgraded to windows 10. Suddenly my outlook does not send emails and they keep residing in my outbox, i tried every thing but no use. I deleted my email account and set it up all over again (activesync hotmail account) and now its downloading thousands of emails. i tried to send a test email but didnt go through. this is driving me crazy

I'm having the above problem and I've tried all your steps and nothing is working! can you help? I have a hotmail account linked to outlook which worked for a few days and now messages are permenantly stuck in the outbox, they can't even be moved into the drafts folder. I have windows firewall turned on and AVG free antivirus, Thanks.

Hi, I am getting desperate! I use gmail via Outlook 2003 (POP3 port 995 and SMTP 465). Since 23rd January 2014 (right after midnight, while I was stil online) I mostly (!) cannot send emails - they get stuck in Outbox. I did however successfully sent a couple of testing emails (from Tools menu testing as well as plain txt emails to my husband), yet I took me 5 - 7 retrial send/receive clicking. Email with attachment is mission impossible to get through.Also strange is the fact when sending test email (Test account settings) tonight, I got the reply "specified server was found, but there was no response from the server. Please verify ssl information...." yet I received two testing emails anyway?On the other hand in the send/receive progress window "sending complete" information occured, but the email got stuck in Outbox despite that.Please help!!

How do I remove the Guest account on Windows 10? Every Windows installation has at least two built-in accounts: Administrator and Guest. These accounts cannot be deleted by default. When you try to delete it from an elevated Command Prompt, you'll receive the error message:

Unlike pst-files, ost-files are tied to the mail account configuration and cannot be opened individually. Restoring access to an ost-file can be done via System Restore if you only just deleted the account but still have the ost-file. Doing a System Restore will restore your mail profile configuration and thus also the account which belonged to the ost-file.

Spending more time on research I found that only your primary account can use that, but unfortunately the account in question was not primary.Simplest work-around for me was to create new profile with this account as primary account, add the other mailbox (which is sharing the folders mentioned above) as additional mailbox and voila, now it works.

Pick the email service you use the most as the destination for backing up your address book. I have both Gmail and accounts, but Gmail is my primary email. So that's where I'll create my consolidated address book, including Gmail contacts, phone contacts and backups of my contacts from and iCloud.

You can link up to 20 different email accounts to the 2019 desktop version of Outlook. That means, in addition to an email address, you could also direct your emails from your or address to your Outlook inbox.

I had allowed my daughter to sign in with her school account to my computer. Now she is graduated and I cannot figure out how to get rid of her account. For some reason, google defaults to her account instead of one of mine, and the presence of her account blocks me from replying to comments on my own blog (I figured this out by using a new browser that had never seen her account). We cannot find any remove button when following commonly posted directions. Since all my emails default to Safari, this is creating problems not being able to remove a now inactivated school account. Thanks.


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