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Mature Streaming Videos

Depending on your TV, this technology may be called Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) or Miracast. Your TV also may be equipped with a streaming player, such as Apple AirPlay or AirPlay2, Google Chromecast, or Roku.

mature streaming videos

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Sugar Instant was previously known as SugarDVD, a DVD-by-mail rental company. The company now concentrates on its online presence, offering users an unlimited streaming subscription or a pay-per-view option. It has thousands of movies, some of which come from well-known studios, such as LetsDoIt and Elegant Angel. Content is in both 4K and HD, and new content is added daily.

Price: Unlimited streaming offers a five-day free trial and then costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. With the pay-per-view option, you can get your first 15 minutes free. After that, it costs eight cents per minute, and there are also options for download to own, stream for life and seven-day rental.

I was in the cable business for over 20 years and adult entertainment has been part of the cable industry for over 20 years and there have been always been a demand for it. The streaming companies are trying to distance themselves from it, and they make it hard to access the channels, all in the name of politics and what people think. In my experience, we had a large customer base who would order adult contact and paid monthly subscriptions for the programming, and we offered parental controls to make sure children did not have access to the material. We never tried to satisfy special interest groups by banning the material. Most kids have cell phones, and they have access to the internet, and a lot of kids are not interested in porn. R rated movies have scenes where they act out a violent rape scene, in these crime films that stuff should be banned.

Deploying a streaming video solution is technically fairly simple. However, developing a long-term plan for operations and maintenance of the system is a task in and of itself. Agencies that can sustain and grow their systems for years to come will have tackled the following tasks:

To be successful in sharing closed-circuit television (CCTV) video streams, key leaders within the agency must identify and agree upon the overall benefits of sharing CCTV. This is critical to justify the necessary investment and effort. The key benefits to the agency include things like: Improved incident response, improved relationships with partners, better cross-jurisdictional coordination, more effective traveler information, and public service. Agencies that understand these benefits are better able to provide long-term budget justification for continued streaming.

Agencies can minimize the impact on operators by implementing easily accessible kill-switches built in to the agencies advanced transportation management system (ATMS) and CCTV platform. Kill-switches reduce operator concerns over zooming in to sensitive incidents. The most technically mature agencies have implemented kill-switches that only disable video streaming to the public and the media while continuing to stream to public safety and other agency partners.

While in-house implementation is a good approach in some instances, agencies have benefited from leveraging expertise of their private sector partners who can provide expert installation and maintenance as well as continuous (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) operations. In fact, hosted solutions have become more prevalent among agencies due to their lower cost and higher reliability bought on by the ability to leverage economies of scale. Agencies now have the option of purchasing hardware appliances that support the streaming of hundreds or thousands of cameras OR they can outsource their streaming entirely.

Although Internet video systems have made great strides, television still provides the highest quality digital video available to consumers on a daily basis at a level of quality far beyond that of traditional best-effort Internet video streaming. On-line high definition (HD) content is still a novelty. Cable, direct broadcast satellite, and over-the-air digital broadcast are mature technologies providing HD quality entertainment to millions of consumers today, and Internet protocol television (IPTV) is emerging to provide more functionality and provide increased convergence with existing Web technologies. High capacity digital video recorders allow consumers to easily capture many hours of content for viewing at their convenience. An increasing array of set-top devices and smart TVs with IP connectivity provides access to the wealth of Web video (e.g. expatriates can view news from home in their native langue) via streaming or on demand. Closer to home, consumers can browse their videos and photos captured from their digital cameras or purchased on line and archived on their home network server.

Kids love watching videos on tablets, but parents have quickly learned those cutely titled YouTube videos are often intended for more mature audiences. To answer this dilemma, MeFeedia, the video discovery engine, today launched Kids Videos , a free, curated video application that brings a wide variety of safe, fun and educational videos into one easy-to-use application. The app, available for iPad and Kindle Fire tablets, is available for download today, for free.

The evidence that video streaming is now a mature market is in the kinds of licensing deals being signed. Television networks and movie studios are signingnon-exclusive deals to provide their content to Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Google and anyone else with a few hundred million dollars to spare. Streaming video is becoming a commodity, available everywhere. In response, Netflix has been dumping content that anyone can license and investing in proprietary TV shows that can be watched only on Netflix.

We saw one user showing off his drumming skills and another was doing a Q&A session. One account was livestreaming a photoshoot in a mansion. Several seemed to be active vloggers (video bloggers), and they were using TikTok to promote their Instagram and YouTube channels. 041b061a72


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