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Adventure Time 720p Season 1 'LINK'

Zack Shada was too old for the role when the series was picked up by Cartoon Network, and his younger brother Jeremy, 12 years old at the time, auditioned.[7] According to Jeremy Shada, the showrunners did not at first realize that he was Zack's younger brother. He said that: "they just thought they got lucky with someone that sounded like the original."[8] Shada's voice noticeably cracked and changed during the filming of Adventure Time as he was undergoing puberty.[9] Ward decided that Shada would not be recast when his voice changed. Instead, the character of Finn was gradually aged as Shada's voice naturally deepened, and the themes of the show matured with the character.[10] Older versions of Finn appear in several episodes of the show. Jonathan Frakes voices two alternate adult versions of Finn in the season 5 episodes "Puhoy" and "Dungeon Train".[11]

Adventure Time 720p Season 1

The show depicts Finn dealing with the struggles of adolescence and coming to terms with the complexities of life.[16] Over time, the show's creators decided to further develop Finn's backstory, including his parents and whether he was truly the last human left in Ooo.[10] A major theme of the series is that Finn begins to see the world in more nuanced terms, rather than the naive outlook he demonstrated in earlier seasons. Although many of the show's conflicts were about good versus evil at the start of the series, they become more complex as it progresses.[7] Adventure Time composer Tim Kiefer said that the show had gradually became an exploration of the "Hero's journey", through Finn.[17]

In the first-season episode "The Enchiridion!", Finn and Jake complete a series of challenges to win the Enchiridion, a legendary handbook for heroes.[26] In "His Hero", Finn meets the legendary adventurer Billy (Lou Ferrigno), who unsuccessfully tries to convince Finn to give up violence.[27] Finn and Jake go on a quest to find the Lich (Ron Perlman), an ancient undead king, in the second-season episodes "Mortal Folly / Mortal Recoil".[28] The Lich returns in the fourth season finale "The Lich", and kills Billy. After taking control of Billy's body, the Lich attempts to trick Finn and Jake into giving him the Enchiridion.[28] Billy's death profoundly impacts Finn, as shown in the season five episode "Billy's Bucket List".[29]

Finn has also made crossover appearances in other franchises and media. He appeared in the seventh season Futurama episode "Leela and the Genestalk".[51] The opening sequence couch gag in the 28th season The Simpsons episode "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" featured Bart Simpson as "Bart the Boy", a parody of Finn.[52] He also appeared in the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode, "Crossover Nexus".[53] Finn is a playable character in toys-to-life game Lego Dimensions (2015),[54] beat 'em up game Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers (2016),[55] crossover game Bloons Tower Defense: Adventure Time (2018),[56] fighting game Brawlhalla (2019),[57] and action-adventure game Immortals Fenyx Rising (2020).[58] In November 2021, Finn was confirmed to appear as a playable character in the fighting game MultiVersus (2022).[59]

Finn is a teenage boy with a childlike personality, boyish enthusiasm, and a love of adventure.[4] He is 12 years old at the beginning of the series but ages throughout the show and is 17 by the series finale.[19] He is talented at beatboxing and sword fighting.[22] Finn is prone to outbursts of phrases like "Mathematical!" and "Algebraic!".[13] He develops thalassophobia in the season one episode "Ocean of Fear" but overcomes his fear of the sea in "Billy's Bucket List".[65][29] In the fifth-season episode "Red Starved", it is implied that Finn is color blind.[66]

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25[EDITOR'S NOTE: Audio descriptions for tonight's episodes of THE SIMPSONS, THE GREAT NORTH, BOB'S BURGERS and FAMILY GUY are available on the SAP Audio Channel.]**SEASON PREMIERE**--"THE GREAT NORTH" - (8:31-9:00 PM ET/PT) CC-HDTV 720p-Dolby Digital 5.1BEEF CONFRONTS HIS FEAR OF SMALL TALK ON THE ALL-NEW SEASON PREMIERE OF "THE GREAT NORTH"SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, ON FOX Honeybee and Wolf discover an outback-themed restaurant they can't stop going to. Beef confronts his fear of small talk on the all-new "A Knife To Remember Adventure" season premiere episode of THE GREAT NORTH airing Sunday, Sept. 25 (8:31-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX (GRN-301) (TV-PG D, L)Voice Cast: Nick Offerman as Beef; Jenny Slate as Judy; Will Forte as Wolf; Paul Rust as Ham; Aparna Nancherla as Moon; Dulce Sloan as Honeybee; Megan Mullally as Alyson and Alanis Morissette as Alanis Morissette.Guest Cast: Murray Bartlett, Katie Crown, Gabe Delahaye as Old Jody Jr, Daniele Gaither as Ruth Shaw, David Herman as Gill Beavers and Santiago Carpaccio, Mindy Sterling as Junkyard Kyle and Sandy Flarts, Judith Shelton Londra Pennypacker, Paul F. Tompkins as Mr. Golovkin Share


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