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Episode 25: Stench And Stenchibility __TOP__

"Stench and Stenchibility" is the twenty-fifth episode of the seventh season of the animated sitcom Futurama. It originally aired on Comedy Central on August 28, 2013. The episode was written by Eric Horsted and directed by Crystal Chesney-Thompson. It is the last episode to use the full intro sequence. Dr. Zoidberg falls in love with a human flower merchant while Bender competes in a deadly tap-dancing contest.

Episode 25: Stench and Stenchibility

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Dr. Zoidberg manages to make a face-to-face date with an alien woman he's been seeing online, despite the other Planet Express crew members warning him that his date will be repulsed by his disgusting stench. After buying flowers from a merchant named Marianne (Emilia Clarke), it turns out the crew was right, and Zoidberg's date is driven away by his horrible armpit odor. Depressed that he has once again failed at a relationship, he returns the flowers to Marianne. Suddenly, Roberto appears and tries to mug Marianne and Zoidberg, but the latter's odor chases him away. Marianne is grateful towards Zoidberg, who is surprised that she was not disgusted by his stench. Marianne reveals she has no sense of smell, and the two date, leading to a happy relationship. The Planet Express crew are surprised that Zoidberg managed to go out with a normal woman, and encourages him to use his medical knowledge to give Marianne a sense of smell, though Zoidberg is afraid she will reject him like many others have. After Marianne expresses her desire to smell flowers, Zoidberg decides to give her a nose transplant that will allow Marianne to smell, much to the latter's joy. After she awakens from the surgery, however, she finds she is repulsed by the smell of flowers (she never learned what are supposed to be good or bad smells) and attracted to Zoidberg's odor, stating she "likes [his] smell because [she] likes [him]". Zoidberg is happy with this and continues his relationship with Marianne, who becomes a garbage truck driver and "dumps" Zoidberg out of his home dumpster into the truck with her, and the two ride off.

It turns out Zoidberg has been dating an alien girl online for four years. He uses his life savings to buy flowers for her. When he finally meets her she dumps him because of his stench. Zoidberg tries to return the flowers but is interrupted by Roberto who somehow came back to life but his stench drives him away too. Impressed by him standing up to Roberto, Marianne shows interest in Zoidberg, but when he tells her he stinks, she says she doesn't care that he stinks since she has no sense of smell, and they hit it off. Later after saying that her greatest desire is to have a sense of smell, Zoidberg decides to give her surgery giving her a new nose. When she wakes up from the surgery, she smells flowers but thinks they smell horrible. Zoidberg tries explaining it is him, but she says he smells just as she dreamed and they keep dating. Amy comments on how the scene is sweet, while covering her nose to not smell Zoidberg. The episode ends when Marianne gets a new job hauling trash. She picks up Zoidberg's garbage bin and dumps him into the cab of her dump truck and the two kiss once more.

First of all, the final few episodes of Futurama clearly aren't being broadcast in the production order since the title-card for "Stench and Stenchibility" was probably supposed to recall the installment that immediately preceded it not the one that aired two weeks ago. Seymour, the 'dead dog' in question, is never far from fan's minds ("Jurassic Bark" was recently voted the best of the series) but he made his emotional 'return' in "Game of Tones" while last week's "Murder on the Planet Express" parodied several horror flicks (quite well) in the name of team building. It also makes sense that the creatives would want "Stench and Stenchibility" to follow "Game of Tones" since the latter's title is a play on last night's guest star Emilia Clarke's regular series. Game of Thrones. You might have heard of it. The Khalessi was kind enough to provide her voice for the penultimate episode (single tear... more next week) that's more a play on Charlie Chaplin's City Lights than the Jane Austen novel the puntastic title suggests. Hm. Can you guess what Futurama character headline's "Stench and Stenchibility?"

The episode got off to a slow start and had a more traditional A-story, B-story structure than Futurama traditionally delivers. The main thread is the titular tale and follows the loveable yet foul smelling (and poor) Dr. John Zoidberg on his quest for love. He's been video-dating a horrible alien named Zindy and "Stench and Stenchibility" opens with the couple deciding to finally meet in person. And since he's put in some solid online time, Zoidberg's expecting to take Zindy home, which means the dumpster needs a good cleaning. Bender decides to lend a hand, bug bombing his crustacean friend's place and then deals with the now evicted and attacking creatures with an aggressive dance. Hello, tacked on introduction to the B-story! Randy, the show's homosexual caricature, happens to be walking by and convinces the young, roach covered robotic Gene Kelly to come to the Parks and Recreation department's Tap-Dance-A-Palooza. Even though the cause of the side-story is half-baked at best the result is increasingly hilarious, especially once Bender is pitted against the adorable and devious Tanya. I wonder how they came up with that name?

Zoidberg and Marianne really hit it off during a date to a bunch of smelly spots (like Jersey) and they even spend the night together. Gross. Things are too good to be true for the perpetually unlucky crustacean which means it's time for some conflict and this comes in the form of a possible transplant to give her a sense of smell. After some bad person advice, he comes clean and shares the option with Marianne even though the delicate procedure will likely end their relationship. And I really thought it would. Fortunately, her new nose doesn't seem keen to conform to traditional ideas of what is a good smell or bad stench and she happens to like the way he stinks. So much for running the flower shop, time to get a job more suited to her senses. It was a very nice ending to a sweet thread. The B-story was not quite so sweet but was big on the laughs. Bender turns up for Tap-Dance-A-Palooza as one of five willing participants and it looks like his main competition is an adorable six year old girl with a heart condition. Bender obviously has no problem exploiting the medical problem but how far the show goes with the gag shocked me. And made me giggle uncontrollably.

"Stench and Stenchibility" is the one hundred and thirty-ninth episode of Futurama, the twenty-fifth of the seventh production season and the twelfth of the tenth broadcast season. It aired on 28 August 2013, on Comedy Central. It guest-stars Emilia Clarke as Marianne and Tara Strong as Tonya.Dr. Zoidberg meets the love of his life while Bender squares off in a deadly tap-dancing competition.

Heartbroken, Zoidberg attempts to return his half-bouquet of now-wilted daisies for a refund. Already devastated over Zindy, he is crushed further when Marianne responds that she can't afford to refund the $3 that was his life savings, as her stall is unpopular due to reasons unknown to her. When Zoidberg breaks down in tears, she is moved, saying, "I can't stand to see a living thing cry." Zoidberg is charmed when she confirms with him, "You are a living thing, right?" Roberto appears and attempts to mug them, but Zoidberg finds that he has reached rock bottom. He carelessly confronts Roberto, even inviting Roberto to kill him. Gesticulating, Zoidberg happens to raise his arms, blasting Roberto with his horrible body odor and driving him away. Marianne is very impressed with Zoidberg having been so "brave and frugal". Zoidberg is confused that she isn't repulsed by his stench; Marianne explains that she was born with no sense of smell. After a montage of enjoyable dates, they find themselves having, as Zoidberg later puts it, "a wonderful night of lovemaking in my dumpster!"

Marianne wakes from her anesthesia as Zoidberg sits sadly beside her bed. He offers her flowers so she can enjoy the scent for the first time, but she hates the smell. Zoidberg assumes that he is the source of the smell she finds offensive, but she discovers otherwise. She really does hate the smell of flowers, and she really does enjoy Zoidberg's stench.

A decade after the series finale, Futurama will be getting a revival expected sometime in 2023. This makes total sense due to its popularity. As of now, there isn't much known about the revival, except for the episode titles list, which could give some insight into the direction the series will be headed.

Part of what made the show great is its ability to pull on the heart strings. Most of these heartwarming moments came during the closing scenes of the episode and were great character building moments. They were also more frequent in the later seasons, as characters and relationships (such as Fry and Leela) had been firmly established.

Hermes has been at odds with Bender for the majority of the series, which is why this episode is so poignant. Bender learns that he doesn't have a backup unit, therefore rendering him mortal. He enlists the help of Hermes to track down Inspector 5, who let Bender out into the world knowing this.

Leela is attracted to the "new" Fry. Fry gets rid of the worms as he wants to see if Leela really loved him or them. The end of the episode shows Fry playing the holophoner poorly, but he smiles after producing a childlike image of Leela. The episode is very similar to a later episode "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" where Fry writes an opera for Leela. The heartwarming feeling "Parasites Lost" created was powerful enough to inspire a whole episode. It stars Hedonism bot, a popular side character that could easily highlight Futurama's revival.

Despite Fry and Leela's growing relationship, one thing that seems to always get in the way is Fry's tardiness. Fry tries to make up to her by recording a birthday card, which Leela later finds in the episode - 40 years later. 041b061a72


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