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Dorofei Bragin
Dorofei Bragin

Where To Buy The World's Best Cat Litter Extra Quality

We set out to find the best cat litters to please both cat and guardian. To learn more about the litter preferences of cats and their toileting needs, we consulted four veterinarians. Guided by their advice, we tested 28 different litters, including clay, paper, silica gel, wood, grass, and corn substrates. Editorial review samples were provided by their manufacturers, with the exception of Dr. Elsey's Ultra Multi-Cat Strength Litter.

where to buy the world's best cat litter

Paper litters, most of which come in the form of small, firm pellets, can be good for cats with respiratory problems. Of the five paper varieties I evaluated, Ökocat's Paper Pellet Litter performed best in my first round of testing. It absorbed liquid quickly and the paper pellets did not immediately fall apart.

Thanks to its good clumping ability and odor control, World's Best Multiple Cat Litter came out on top of the 12 natural litters we tested. Its lightweight granules are made from compressed corn kernels. They are slightly harder than those of the clay litters in our best overall and best budget cat litter categories, but they are still satisfyingly scratchable for cats.

The top two litters in each heat went on to the next phase. Each one was poured into a litter pan for the cats to use for anywhere from one to four weeks to test for odor control and tracking. Litters that were tested for two weeks or less were those that my cats refused to use or those we tested prior to receiving the bulk of the litters for this guide. For each litter, I considered the following qualities:

Ultimately, the superiority of one style of natural litter over another comes down to a cat's individual preference. "I try to encourage owners to choose one litter and stick with it through kitty's life because they are ultimately creatures of habit," said Satchu. "Any litter that will keep kitty going where they're supposed to be going is a good litter in my book."

Looking for the perfect litter for your feline friends? At Target, find a collection of litter, litter box and pans, litter box mats, litter box liners and litter box cleaners and deodorizers. Look through a range of cat litter that fits your lifestyle and theirs. Choose from clumping, non-clumping, crystals and natural litter that is easy to clean and is great at absorbing urine. Added fragrance helps cover and absorb everyday litter box smells. Explore a variety of scented, unscented and lightweight litter. These litters come with features like odor control, low dust, flushable, and multiple pets. Browse through a range of cat litter brands like Tidy Cats, Arm & Hammer, Fresh Step, up & up and more. Get your paw on the best-selling litters that your furry friends are sure to love! Explore a range of cat litter and find the perfect fit.

Ultimately, the best cat litters for your home are the litters your cats use! With an added all-natural plant material for enhanced odor control, this multiple cat litter is ideal for homes with 2 or more cats. It is lightweight, soft in texture and has clumping-on-contact abilities.

Headquartered in Muscatine, Iowa and built on the Kent family's 85-year history of product ingenuity, we have a proven record of constantly pushing pet care forward by using a unique scientific approach that unlocks nature's solutions to fundamental pet care needs. It's a bit harder. It takes a little longer. And it produces higher-performing products that solve today's problems without compromising tomorrow. Our best-selling sustainable litter brands reach customers and pet owners around the world to strengthen the bond between people and their pets. 041b061a72


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